We Did It! We’ve Reached 2,000 Babies at Circle Surrogacy!

2000 babies

In the almost 25 years that Circle has been in the business of making parenthood possible, we have had the honor of helping build almost 1,500 families across the world! Today, we are excited to announce we’ve reached 2,000 babies at Circle! August has been a big month and in one weekend we welcomed Babies 1,999, 2,000, and 2,001!  It seemed that they were in a rush to make it before Labor Day, because that would have been just a little too on the nose. Welcome Baby 2,000!

We’re so lucky to have so many parents and surrogates on our team here at Circle that have helped us reach this goal! Each one of these incredible people have not only helped to create some of these miracles behind a desk at Circle, they’ve experienced it for themselves!

Kristin, Brett, Fabien, and Jen are just a few of our Circle team members who became parents through surrogacy.  They are the proud parents of babies #890, #330, #947 + #1934, and #539 respectively. We are proud to have them on our team with their invaluable experience as parents through surrogacy.

Kristin and her family
Brett and his family
Fabien and his family



















We also have many amazing women on our Circle team that have been surrogates for Circle and brought us on their journeys as we reached 2,000 babies!  All of our incredible team members and Circle surrogates have changed the lives of happy parents by giving them the greatest gift! A few of them are featured below!

Kristi and her family
Cory and her family
Sarah and her family


















Since delivery of our very first baby, the world has changed in amazing ways. We’ve seen incredible advances in the laws focused on surrogacy, egg donation, gay marriage, second parent adoption, and so much more. We’ve seen unbelievable advances in infertility treatments, IVF, embryo creation, surrogacy science, and all areas of medical and health sciences that have contributed to the life-changing births of our Circle Babies.  We’ve seen some of our first  Circle babies go off to college and got a  new birth announcement yesterday morning. In 25 years we’ve witnessed some of life’s more precious moments, and we’re honored to have helped so many intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood.

If you’re interested in becoming a parent through surrogacy or becoming a surrogate at Circle, we’d love to chat with you and help make your dream a reality.

We can’t wait to help bring 2,000 more babies into the world to deserving parents!