We Are So Thankful For Our Surrogates

It’s Experienced Carrier Week here at Circle Surrogacy, and we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops: “We are SO thankful for our amazing surrogates!” Our surrogates were kind enough to share with us how they’re thankful for their surrogacy journeys, what inspired them to become surrogates, what the most rewarding part of their surrogacy was and so much more!

First-Time Surrogates: Why Are You Thankful For Experienced Surrogates?

When you apply to become a surrogate with Circle, you can immediately be connected to an experienced surrogate at any point of the process who can answer all of your questions and share personal surrogacy experience. Plus, you can stay connected with experienced carriers throughout the entirety of your journey.

We heard from our first-time surrogates who are thankful for our experienced surrogates:


“They answer a lot of my questions, and are very helpful throughout my journey.”

“The surrogate mentors are great at giving advice to us newbies! My mentor, Marissa, is amazing! I went through a miscarriage my first transfer cycle and she was there for me throughout the process. She’s always so positive and helpful!”

“They have all the answers!”

“A wonderful group of experienced carriers inspired me to start my own journey and have been supportive of me throughout the whole process. They answer my questions and concerns, as well as just being a safe space for me to share my experience.”

Experienced Surrogates: What Inspired You To Become a Surrogate?