VIDEO: Teens Born with Circle Surrogacy Discuss Marriage Equality and Trump

In this video, filmed at the Men Having Babies Conference, Elinor, Liv, and Zachary (young adults born with Circle Surrogacy) discuss two defining moments they’ve experienced within the last few years.

The first moment is the passage of the Marriage Equality Act on June 26, 2015. Each panelist had a very positive response to this pivotal decision in our country’s history. Elinor says, “I thought we were on the way to more progress.” Liv added, “I remember feeling like finally the rest of the country is going to be like our state [New York].”

The second defining moment is the election of Donald Trump this past November.

Elinor started off by saying, “It’s more ‘what’s going to happen to us as a country?’ rather than ‘what’s going to happen to us as a family?'” Liv and Zachary shared the same sentiment. They feel an overall concern for the country, not just the LGBTQ community.

This Teen Panel was part of the Men Having Babies Conference in May of 2016. 

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