Using an Egg Donor Database

Many intended parents (IPs) will start their search for an egg donor through an egg donor database. Full-service surrogacy and egg donation agencies, such as Circle Surrogacy, have a comprehensive egg donor database filled with bright, generous women who have already been pre-screened and formally accepted into the egg donor program.

How to find an egg donor

Finding an egg donor to help grow your family can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s easy to search for a donor in an egg donor database by the criteria you feel is important in your perfect match.


Here’s how to get started:

Simply create an account with your email address.

Once inside the database, you can begin your search! Here’s a screen shot from the dashboard home page of Circle Surrogacy’s donor database that shows all of the criteria by which you can search for an egg donor. You can search by a specific donor name or number (if you know it), or fill in the fields to search by characteristics.



Once you’ve input your criteria for the search, the database will automatically filter the results for you. As you click to view donors, you’ll see that there are tabs filled with information on each donor, such as Health and Medical and Traits and Characteristics.



Family and Genetic History is an important characteristic in an egg donor match for many intended parents. You are able to view an egg donor’s family members’ history right in her profile.


If you are looking at an egg donor who has previously donated, you will find information about her previous egg retrievals right in our database, under the “Donations” tab.

You’ll find information on the number of donations she’s completed, the number of eggs retrieved, and the number of eggs that matured.

As mentioned, all of Circle Surrogacy’s egg donors are pre-screened before they are added to our egg donor database.

Our Egg Donor pre-screening process is as follows:

  • Egg donor completes an initial, short application that is reviewed by Circle
  • Upon approval, the donor will be sent a link to the second, more detailed application which asks questions about her family’s medical history
  • Upon approval of the second application, the donor is interviewed by the Egg Donation team to determine if she’d be a good fit for our program
  • Once a donor is selected by an intended parent, she will complete her social work and psychological screening

Finding your perfect egg donor match can take a little bit of time. Easy-to-use databases make searching a little easier.

Also, as you’re searching for your donor, you should also be thinking about the type of egg donation in which you’re interested: Known, Semi-Known or Anonymous. Circle recommends Known donation so that parents can get to know the woman who is helping them build their family; however, you should choose the type of egg donation with which you’re the most comfortable.

If you have questions about finding an egg donor, or would like to speak to someone about our parenthood through egg donation program, please email the Egg Donation Team.