Unexpected: What Led Me to Become a Surrogate Mother

Two men hold their hands in the shape of a heart on a pregnant womans bellyTears ran down my face, as I sat closely to my husband and grabbed his hand. With pain in my heart and my head held in shame I softly whispered, “I failed again.”

Feeling discouraged and questioning God’s purpose for my life, I had just graduated with my degree in Elementary Education and had absolutely no intention of becoming a teacher the following school year. I felt as though I wasted my family’s time, misused their trust and encouragement, and dug our family into a deep financial hole. But the truth was, I did not feel fit enough to run my own classroom. I struggled with low self-esteem and had little confidence in my abilities to guild children into becoming valuable members of society. I had several pity parties and full-on yelling matches with God, until a friend presented the idea of surrogacy. That day, my friend would have no idea how the small seed she planted would change my life in unexpected ways.

The Surrogacy Journey
I stepped into this journey a bit different than most, as I was at a wonky place in life and felt like I still did not know my purpose. When presented with the idea of surrogacy, I literally thought, “Well I know I can carry babies, let’s see how this turns out!” Little did I know that God had a much bigger plan for me than “just carrying another baby!”

Surrogacy began as something I was confident I could do. It was also the perfect opportunity to learn the value of commitment. And surrogacy allowed me the chance to contribute to my household in other ways than just folding laundry and maybe ordering pizza for dinner. I felt this “surrogacy thing” was the answer to many of my issues. I barely considered the gift; I was merely looking for a personal journey that would solve some life problems.

As an adult, I have faced much loss: the death of my mother when I was only 5 years old, the abandonment of my father at the early age of 2, and an extended family whose love for drugs and alcohol left little space for me. By the time I entered the 8th grade, I found myself sleeping on friends’ couches as a way of maintaining safe shelter and reliable transportation to and from school. Needless to say, family has always been limited in my life, and although a normal path for me, my heart still longed for something deeper with an extended family bond.

Today, I can say my heart is filled. My life is forever changed, and my life purpose is being lived out ask we speak. All the sadness, the hurt, the longing for something more are all now magnificently satisfied! My intended parents (IPs) chose me; they looked me in the eyes and said they wanted to take this life journey with me. Their love has never stopped growing for me, our relationship continues to build each day, and that extended family I prayed for, was given to me. God works in unexpected ways.

This surrogacy journey was an unexpected life twist that has proven big rewards. My husband and two daughters can say they have a new wife and mother, respectively. I am forever changed. I am thankful they allowed and supported my decision to become a surrogate. A miracle took place. My IPs and the new baby are my extended family and I cannot be more at peace with my life then I am now. I feel like my soul has been mended- a sense of completeness. Most IPs would express their deepest gratitude toward the surrogate, but I promise you the true gift was given to me by my IPs.

Surrogacy is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The story continues, as I carry baby number two for my intended parents. They will soon have a sibling for their precious baby boy!

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