The Photo that Inspired Circle Surrogate Ashley


Last week we posted a photo that was trending last June. The photo showed a same-sex couple from Toronto holding their baby born via surrogacy along with their surrogate. We were astounded to find that the picture inspired some of our Circle Surrogates to look into surrogacy! Ashley was the first to comment on the photo. From there, we had to know more.

Below Ashley shares her experience from the moment she was inspired to apply with Circle up to today. She’s currently 23 weeks pregnant.

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Ashley poses and shows off her pregnancy

Ashley with family (dad, daughter, and son) poses for camera

What about the photo of the same-sex couple holding their baby inspired you to become a surrogate?

The photo of the same-sex couple holding their baby is one of the most emotional photos I’ve ever seen. The look on the new fathers’ faces captured my attention first, and it absolutely tugged at my heartstrings. You can really see from one photo that the baby was so wanted and is so loved. I was inspired by the amazing gift the gestational carrier, who is also in the photo, was able to give this family.

To be able to nurture and grow a baby for these men is one of the most selfless acts I’d ever seen. I was immediately inspired, and felt if this woman could do that for someone, why couldn’t I? To me, the photo encapsulated raw emotion and true love and I wanted to be able to make that love possible for someone. I began my research that very day and became a surrogate not long after.

What made you select Circle Surrogacy for your surrogacy journey?

I began researching surrogacy mostly using social media. I became a member of a couple surrogate mother Facebook groups, and started following several gestational carriers on Instagram. I then discovered several blogs where I could read individual journeys from start to finish. Throughout my research, I encountered many carriers who used Circle Surrogacy and had nothing but positive experiences. I applied with Circle first, and had such a great initial meeting that I never felt the need to apply anywhere else. Circle Surrogacy was so welcoming and always made me feel appreciated. I’ve been with them for almost a year and a half now and have not once regretted my decision.

How would you describe your experience as a surrogate in your journey so far?

My journey has been wonderful. I immediately felt a strong connection with my intended fathers. Circle did an excellent job pairing us by our lifestyles, wants, hopes and beliefs. I truly feel that I will forever maintain a friendship with them and their growing family. The application/screening/matching process was seamless, and I felt well-informed throughout everything. This journey has had its ups and downs though. We dealt with the heartbreak of a failed transfer, and had to be patient while we waited for an egg donor. But it all paid off in the end, and I’m happily 23 weeks pregnant today. My pregnancies have historically been easy, and I’m happy to report this one is no different. Becoming a surrogate has been a wonderful learning experience and has been good for my family as well. I feel that I’m teaching my children to be good and kind individuals, and to give to those who need your help. As my surrogacy journey comes to a close in the next few months, I truly believe this has been a wonderful and life-changing experience.

The photo that inspired so many:

Inspiring photo of newborn on crying dads chest