The Inspiration Behind Circle Surrogate Jacquelyn

surrogate profile Jacquelyn poses with her family

Earlier this week we published a blog post about a Circle Surrogate named Ashley who was inspired to become a surrogate after seeing a photo of a Canadian couple that had gone viral. The photo depicted a same-sex couple holding their baby born via surrogacy and the surrogate who gave birth to their child.

The photo is emotional so we can see why kind and wonderful individuals were moved by the photo. But not everyone would see a photo and take action, which is why we wanted to learn more about the women who did take action. If you haven’t had a chance, read about Ashley’s journey from seeing the photo to applying with Circle until now–she is currently 23 weeks along as a gestational carrier.

And here, read about Jacquelyn (pictured above with her beautiful family) and her journey–from seeing the photo on social media to applying with Circle Surrogacy and giving birth to a healthy, happy baby girl.

What about the photo of the same-sex couple holding their baby inspired you to become a surrogate?

I feel compassion for the LGBT community.  I also feel compassion for anyone that struggles with fertility.  The desire to become a parent can be overwhelming and emotional.  For obvious reasons, I know that it’s very special struggle to be a gay man desiring to become a parent.  Add in the desire to have offspring that is genetically related to you, and there is a very emotional and overwhelming position to be in.  Seeing two men overcome all of those obstacles and being blessed with their first child captured in a photo was moving to say the least.  I wanted to be a part of such a magical journey.

What made you select Circle Surrogacy for your surrogacy journey? 

I sought out a reputable agency that I felt I could trust to protect the interests of me and my IP(s).  When I discovered that Circle is a gay-owned company, I was thrilled.  When I contacted the agency, I was immediately greeted with helpful and friendly staff.  That’s when I knew that Circle would be a good fit for me.

How would you describe your experience as a surrogate in your journey ? 

Almost 2 months ago, I delivered a healthy baby girl.  She is the daughter of two men that have become very dear friends of mine.  From the time we were matched until the present, I have felt so lucky to have been matched with such awesome people. They couldn’t be more deserving of their beautiful family.  Along the way, Circle continued to meet and exceed my expectations.  I plan to reapply as a surrogate next month and hope to begin another journey as soon as possible.

We know that many people were inspired by the photo but we are inspired by our surrogates. Their hearts and overwhelming generosity is admirable and moving.

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