Surrogate, Parents and Baby! A Beautiful Journey

Surrogacy birth announcement! Join us in welcoming to the world Baby Jace.

With every new birth announcement emailed here at Circle, I start to wonder, “Can these photos of families be any cuter and more precious?” And every time I am answered with a resounding, “Yes, they can. Take a look at this.”

Parents Bo and Brent are wearing the most endearing t-shirts and smiles. We particularly love the photo of Bo, Brent, and Laura (Jace’s surrogate)–with Laura holding a snuggly Baby Jace.

Surrogacy birth announcement

Surrogacy birth announcement

Dads Bo & Brent hold baby Jace


We think long-term and encourage building meaningful relationships that will continue to exist throughout the life of the child. Our relationship-focused approach has led to almost every surrogate agreeing to return to their couple for a second journey. Our knowledgeable attorneys and social workers understand the importance of these relationships. And as parents through surrogacy, former surrogates, and egg donors, many of our staff members have firsthand experience with the emotional journey of surrogacy.

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