Surrogacy for Cancer Survivors: Video

Circle Surrogacy and Stupid Cancer teamed up to educate cancer survivors about family-building during Surrogacy for Survivors. The Google Hangout on Air was held earlier this month, but is continuously available on our YouTube page.

Jen Rachman led the informal information session and group discussion. Jen is an outreach coordinator at Circle, a cancer survivor, and parent through the process. Viewers received an overview of the surrogacy and egg donation processes and were able to ask questions after the presentation. Below is a list of some of the questions intended parents had for Jen.



Questions & Answers

Question: Does Circle surrogacy charge the same amount for clients with cancer vs other clients?
Answer: Yes, Circle does charge survivors the same amount as any other client. Further, we have clients that come to us for all sorts of medical reasons in addition to cancer (i.e., born without a uterus, heart conditions, infertility).

Question: I have embryos in California and get discounted services for IVF here. Can it work to have the surrogate travel here for insemination? Or does that have to happen where the surrogate lives?
Answer: If you are affiliated with an IVF clinic and feel comfortable with the doctor, we want you to stay there. If you needed a recommendation we can certainly provide one. But you have the right to choose your provider to do the insemination. The IVF is done at the doctor you choose. It’s not advisable to choose a doctor based on where the carrier lives. For example, my carrier lived in Utah, and I didn’t want to pick a random doctor due to location. It’s better to choose a doctor based on stats and pricing. The travel expenses for the carrier to get to the clinic (she needs to go twice) are built into the price, as we expect there will be travel involved.

Question: In regards to needing a letter from an oncologist, I’m curious whether Circle Surrogacy declines women based on their cancer status.
Answer: Part of our assessment process is to discuss with you your current health status. (Are you currently in treatment? How does that impact your physical and emotional health? If out of treatment how long?) About 15 percent of our clients are cancer survivors, and we have rarely turned someone anyway. But we do want survivors to know that we talk about it and explore how cancer is impacting their lives and possibly the future. An instance where we would air our concerns would be if the survivor was late stage, had a poor prognosis, or supports were not in place for the child. As we not only have to think about the survivor and their wishes but the long term best interest for the child.

Question: Since it matters where the surrogate gives birth, not where they reside, I’m curious if any NY-based surrogates ever give birth in Connecticut?
Answer: Yes that is possible. And I am sure it has been done. However, we don’t work like that, as it is a big risk. For example, what if her water breaks in New York and she goes into emergency labor. Then the contracts become null and void if she delivers in New York (not Connecticut), and it can become legally unsafe. Therefore, our agency does not take chances like that.

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