Surrogacy Birth Announcement! Baby Charlie is Here!

surrogacy birth announcement

Baby Charlie was born early this month.

It’s fun when you find a common theme where you least expect it. Circle Surrogacy has a number of departments that work together to make journeys run smoothly. We have a legal department to watch out for surrogates’ rights and to protect intended parents’ parentage rights. We have an accounting department to work on company finances as well as manage the accounts of intended parents. Our social worker team and our program coordinator team work closely on journeys. We also have HR and admin in addition to the marketing team (that’s me!).

All of those departments are necessary to provide a full-agency experience that focuses on providing ample support throughout the surrogacy journey. But at a glance, it doesn’t seem like the individual departments have very much in common, yet they do.

I am currently working on a project for our 20th Anniversary where I interview different members of our team from a variety of departments. And every single of them says the same thing. It’s a version of this:

“While my job can be stressful–because we work on something that’s so important and personal to everyone involved from surrogates to intended parents to egg donors–when we receive birth announcements and we open the attachment to see a beautiful, healthy baby–we perk up and smile. Seeing those photos is the best part of the job.”

It’s interesting that people who have very different job titles and responsibilities can all have the same perspective is pretty magnificent.

We love to share the photos on social media and our Circle Surrogacy blog (when we have permission, of course) in hopes that it brings our community together, and so that we can give hope to individuals who are at the beginning of their journey.

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