Circle Employee Spotlight: Solveig Gramann

Circle Employee Highlight: Solveig Gramann

Highlight: Solveig Gramann

Solveig and her husband Alec
Solveig and her husband Alec

The consensus around Circle is that one of the best things about the company is the people that work there.

All of our employees have something special that they bring to their team and the company that makes the work so extraordinary.

We’re so proud of everyone that works here that we’re spotlighting our amazing employees so others can see what makes Circle so special. 

Meet Solveig Gramann, Circle Surrogacy’s Senior Manager of Surrogate Intake and Support, who has been working at Circle for 6 years. 

Tell us a little bit about your experience before you came to Circle. 

Circle was actually my first job out of social work graduate school in 2013. I found the job posting online right after I graduated, and although I didn’t really know anything about surrogacy, what was highlighted in the job description was well suited to my interests and skills, so I applied. I’ve been at Circle ever since!

How has your role at Circle changed in the last 6 years?

 SolveigWhen I first came on board, I was a social worker on the Surrogate Screening and Support team. I am now Senior Manager of Surrogate Intake and Support, overseeing the Social Work/Screening and Prescreening teams. I would like to think that I moved up in my career at Circle through hard work, being a good team player and utilizing my creative side to continually improve the departments that I oversee. I’ve tried to take on challenging projects at Circle in the hopes of advancing our screening and support programs as well.

What are the most important things you’ve learned along the way during your time here?

When it comes to working in surrogacy, third party and Circle, I’ve learned how important it is to have really supportive coworkers and a positive work environment. There’s only a limited number of people that do what we do – and understand what we do – and I think it’s really valuable to have coworkers you can depend on, that will genuinely listen to you and can share in the joys, frustrations, disappointments and fun that is our day-to-day. That’s why I’ve loved working at Circle and why I’ve stayed around so long!

What changes have you seen at Circle and in the surrogacy industry since you’ve worked at Circle?

Solveig and Laura
Solveig and Circle Surrogate Laura

There’s been a lot of changes at Circle in the last 6 years – Circle looks quite different than it did when I started back in 2013! The company has obviously grown quite a bit in terms of personnel and clients, but I think that now more than ever we have such a diverse and talented team who is able to offer our clients stronger services than we’ve ever been able to offer before. I’ve also loved how many more experienced surrogates, intended parents and egg donors we’ve hired who have contributed in such a positive way and call on their personal experiences to make sure that our services continue to be client focused. I think surrogacy as a whole is much more visible in the public eye, so the biggest change I’ve seen in this regard is just how much more savvy and knowledgeable clients are when they come to us – and that’s a good thing! You definitely have to step up your game and be prepared to face tough client questions and be as best a resource you can to your clients when there’s so much information about surrogacy floating around now (the good and the bad!)

 What is your favorite part of your job?

Social work as a whole is a pretty thankless profession and oftentimes you are working with individuals who are at the lowest points in their lives in more traditional social work settings. I am grateful every single day I get to come into work and interact with clients who are going through one of the most profound, life-changing and positive experiences they could ever go through. I also love developing relationships with our clients (for me, surrogates). I’ve known some of my surrogates for 4-5+ years now! It’s so special and unique!

Solveig competing in a Crossfit competition
Solveig competing in a Crossfit competition

What is something we might not know about you?

I am a novice crossfitter! I received first place at a crossfit/fitness competition earlier this year with a team I was on and it was awesome!