Newly Added Egg Donors (May 28, 2018)

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Donor 37175 – Erika Erika has always been very family-oriented, and can’t wait to help others build a family of their own.  She also has a strong work ethic and she’d like to eventually become a rehab or skilled nursing facility director. Erika enjoys reading books, learning new things, doing brainy puzzles, and working out at the gym, especially in group exercise classes.  Learn more about Erika





Donor 37007 – Sarah  Sarah is very active and health-conscious, and she describes herself as outdoorsy,  driven and adventurous. Some of the things she enjoys are weight lifting, camping, hiking, dancing, and cooking.  Sarah  is involved in personal training, and loves working to help others achieve their goals of having a healthy life and supporting their successful transformations.  Learn more about Sarah





Donor 35865 – Maria  Maria is a very independent, caring, and kind young woman who enjoys gardening, traveling, classical music, and hiking. She is an opera and classical music singer and she plays the piano.  In 2005, she placed Top 6 in the Philippines National Music Competition for singing, was President of her high school glee club, and was the Internal Vice President of her University Choir. Maria takes pride in all she does is currently happily working as a senior flight attendant.  Learn more about Maria