Find an Egg Donor – Newly Added Egg Donors for October 19, 2018

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We help intended parents with their search to find an egg donor. Our egg donor database is comprised hundreds of bright, young women looking to help families. Please reach out to us if you need assistance. To learn more about how we can help you with your search to find an egg donor, CLICK HERE.

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Find an Egg Donor

Donor 23277 – Ashley Ashley is an outgoing, loving, and caring young woman who was born in Munich, Germany. She is very open minded, is always looking to help others, and volunteers as much as she can. Ashley has a degree in both culinary arts and business, became a homeowner at the age of 23, and started her own business at 24. On becoming a prospective egg donor Ashley says, “family is everything and children are a blessing. If I can help someone else become a mother or father who wouldn’t be able to otherwise, then that brings me much joy”.   Learn more about Ashley




Donor 11279 – Jessie  Jessie is previous egg donor who is all about theatre. She founded a small non-profit theatre company at the age of eighteen, has performed at major Shakespeare festivals, has acted for NBC television, and founded her new company in Knoxville. Jessie plays the French horn and the piano. She enjoys staying active by practicing yoga, rock climbing, and running. Jessie has gorgeous green eyes and and is petite.  Learn more about Jessie



Donor 34749 – Brielle  Brielle believes that it is important to be a good and kind person. She describes herself as a bubbly, happy person who always likes to make others smile. Brielle is very athletic and, while in school, she received two state championships titles in volleyball, one state championship and one runner up in basketball, was part of an all-state team in basketball, and went to the state finals for track. She also loves dancing, reading, volunteering, and her goal is to pursue a career in which she can help children with disabilities. Learn more about Brielle