New York City – Circle Surrogacy Reunion

new york circle surrogacy reunion group photo

Over 100 people gathered with us at Chelsea Piers last Sunday for a Circle Surrogacy Family Reunion. Parents who had completed their journey over a decade ago mingled with intended parents who just embarked on their journey.

Several employees attended as well. Jenn Skarinka, Travel and Events Manager and organizer of the reunion said, “The sweetest thing I saw was one couple holding another couple’s baby. The joy in their faces was just priceless. I definitely choked back happy tears after seeing that. It hit me. This is why we do what we do.”

One of the best benefits of the event was that kids born through surrogacy got to meet and play with one another while parents shared their stories with people they felt could truly understand.

The kids (and even some of the adults) enjoyed the balloon maker, face painter, and coloring books.

Jen Rachman, who works as a Circle Surrogacy Outreach Coordinator, attended the event as an employee and a former intended parent. Jen and her husband had their son with Circle in 2012. She said listening to those with children mentor those currently in the program was inspiring. Another highlight for Jen included meeting children of parents she consulted with at the beginning of their journeys.

Jen said, “The best part was telling my son every child in that room was born through surrogacy just as he was.”

Jen Rachman and Jenn Skarinka were joined by several other Circle employees including John Weltman, Founder, and President along with his husband, Cliff Atkins, Executive Vice President, (Cliff and John had their two sons through surrogacy); Scott Buckley, Director of Operations; Gina-Marie Madow, attorney; Erin Sougstad, attorney; Nancy Weatherby, client development and parent through surrogacy; and Dory Ziperstein, program manager.

Dory shared that the best part for her was seeing parents and children in person. She said, “At Circle, I get to be a part of their journeys from a distance—emails, skypes, and phone calls. This made it all real. To hug those parents I had worked with for years and for them to hand their babies to me to hold was truly magical. Surrogacy is an amazing journey and an incredible process, and this reunion summed it up so well.”

We are grateful for all of our intended parents who allow us to be a small part of their family story. Cheers to many more reunions to come!

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Take a look below to see how far Circle Surrogacy has come in the last 20-plus years.

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