New Surrogate Program with Guaranteed Pay & Support

Surrogate Program

If you’re considering applying to become a surrogate – also called a gestational carrier or gestational surrogate – you have many agency choices available to you. While most agencies will follow the same clinic and ASRM guidelines for the criteria for women to qualify to become surrogate mothers, what is offered to their gestational carriers when they sign on is what sets each agency apart. At Circle Surrogacy, we’re launching a new surrogate program with guaranteed pay & support for our surrogates! 

What to Consider When Applying to Become a Surrogate

Applying to be a surrogate mother is a big deal! The surrogate process is very involved and a big commitment emotionally and physically. There are many things to consider when choosing the right agency partner to support you on your surrogacy journey. Reading reviews and joining social media groups dedicated to surrogates and surrogacy is a good way to begin your research. However, at the end of the day, you need to choose the agency that feels like the right fit for you.

Some considerations for you when you’re ready to be a surrogate:

  • What type of support does the agency offer?
  • How much experience does the agency have working with gestational carriers?
  • Is the compensation fair?
  • What will the matching process be like?

Some of these questions can be answered by reviewing a surrogacy agency’s website, or by hearing from women who completed a journey. However, the best way to find the answers to your questions, and to see if you “click” with an agency, is to simply speak directly with them.

One other consideration is applying to become a surrogate during the COVID pandemic

Why Surrogate Mothers Should Choose Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy has a rich, 25-year history of making parenthood possible. As the world of surrogacy continues to evolve, so does Circle Surrogacy’s offerings. Through conversations, exit interviews and monthly phone calls, the Circle team values all feedback and ideas from their experienced carriers to help shape a best-in-class surrogate program.

Introducing Circle Surrogacy’s Surrogate Promise

The Circle Surrogate Promise was created because we want women who become gestational surrogates to have the most successful and rewarding journey possible. Our experienced carriers spoke up, and we listened!


Guaranteed Pay, Security and Support

Surrogate ProgramThe Circle Surrogate Promise is a program exclusive to Circle Surrogates; no other agency can offer the same level of security and support. 

Circle Surrogacy promises:

  1. Guaranteed Compensation. Circle Surrogacy financially backs their Intended Parents, so a surrogate’s escrow account is always funded to ensure she is always paid in full and on time. A carrier will never have to worry that she will not receive payment.
  2. No medical bill liability. Circle Surrogacy takes on the liability of medical bills. We listened to our past surrogates and their frustrations with medical bills and we’ve made big changes. While we can never stop having you receive medical bills (since you are the “patient”), our new Fixed Cost programs for Intended Parents allow us to protect both the surrogates and the intended parents, and ensure all medical bills will be paid in a timely manner. You will never be responsible and you won’t have medical bills hanging around.
  3. $5,000 compensation, even if you leave the program. If you are accepted into our surrogate program and you are medically cleared and matched with intended parents – however, you don’t achieve a pregnancy – we will compensate you for your time, energy and dedication thus far in your journey (up to $5,000 total).
  4. Empowerment in birth choices. Not every gestational carrier has the same desires when it comes to the birth of their surro baby. At Circle, our surrogates have choices for their preferred birth options, such as doula care, a hospital birth, or using a birth center with a midwife.
  5. Personalized, small agency feel, with the resources of a large agency. The first person you speak with at Circle will be an experienced carrier who guides you through the process until you are matched with intended parents, personally introducing you to your dedicated social worker and journey support team, all of whom are in house at Circle. You’ll always be supported by a Circle employee, who knows all the details about you and your journey (you’ll never have to worry about working with a third party who doesn’t even know your name!) Plus, with our expanded team, we are able to offer support groups, virtual events, one-on-one surrogate mentorship and more.

Who qualifies for the Circle Surrogate Promise?

Any woman who applies to become a surrogate starting right now will be able to take advantage of the Circle Surrogate Promise.

Experienced Surrogates Guide You Through the Process

At Circle Surrogacy, our gestational carriers are matched with in-house social workers who support them throughout their journey…and beyond! Our surrogate program is best-in-class because we’ve listened to our carriers over the years and made our process and support even stronger.

Our surrogate support team is the most experienced in the industry! Our Surrogate Advisors are experienced surrogates – some have done 3 surrogacy journeys! These amazing women have been in your shoes – they weighed the pros and cons, spoke with multiple agencies, shared their surrogacy news with their kids and family, built relationships with intended parents, and experienced the ups and downs of a journey. They will help you through the application process, answer your questions, and share their surrogacy journeys experiences with you.

Your Surrogate Advisor will not only guide you through the application process, she will also stay with you as you complete the screening process. She will be getting to know you, and what’s important to you in your surrogacy journey. She’ll also be the person who helps match you with intended parents. You’ll always be in good hands, with someone who has your best interests at heart.

Surrogate Pay: Comparing Agency Compensation

As you research surrogacy, you may find that you’re seeing different surrogate pay from different agencies. Some agencies are offering way more than others – is it too good to be true?

There is more than the final dollar amount to consider when comparing agencies, and it can all be a little bit overwhelming. When you’re considering a surrogacy agency, you can ask for a breakdown of surrogate pay to see how and when (and how much!) you’ll be paid throughout your journey. This makes it easy to see an actual dollar amount that will go in your pocket. (For example, travel reimbursement isn’t “compensation” and shouldn’t be counted in your total dollar amount for payment).

Circle offers a free surrogate pay comparison analysis, done by our experienced Surrogate Advisors. Just email us and we’ll set up a time to compare the compensation from multiple agencies; no commitment whatsoever! Circle Surrogacy is transparent about surrogate pay and benefits and breaks down

Every gestational carrier who comes to us is unique. If there is something in our benefits package that doesn’t work for you – or you feel something is missing – we are happy to craft a compensation package that’s personalized to your circumstances.

Plus, if you find a payment or benefit at another agency that better fits what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to match it!

At Circle Surrogacy, the team has worked hard to ensure we’re offering a best-in-class surrogate program for gestational carriers. Our Surrogate Advisors are always available to speak with women who are interested in surrogacy, even if Circle doesn’t turn out to be the best agency fit for them. You can always email the surrogate team or call Circle Surrogacy at 617-439-9900.

How Do I Apply to Be a Surrogate?

Women who are interested in becoming a surrogate can review the list of surrogate requirements to see if they qualify. If the answer is yes (hooray!), you can fill out the surrogate application to begin the process.