Circle Surrogacy: A New Website to Explore

At Circle, we’re proud to partner with, support and guide our parents, surrogates and egg donors. We are invested in their journeys and their success. We’re passionate about surrogacy and egg donation, because we’ve been there.

We’re an agency comprised of social workers and lawyers, accountants and outreach associates, and program managers and coordinators; but, more importantly, we’re an agency made up of parents, surrogates and egg donors who are passionate about helping people build their families, and invested in each and every journey.

We’ve been working hard to create a destination for parents, surrogates and egg donors to come and learn about surrogacy, the process and what to expect. To read testimonials from others who have been on journeys and have shared their experiences. And, to get to know us as people.

 We’re always here to answer any questions, and to help guide you on the path that is best for you and your family.

 Together, we make parenthood possible.