Surrogacy Costs: Everything You Need to Know

surrogacy costs

When researching surrogacy and surrogacy agencies, one of the first questions intended parents ask is: “How much does surrogacy cost?” And rightfully so. Gestational surrogacy is a financial investment as much as an emotional one. Like most important investments, every surrogacy journey is personal and unique, and surrogacy costs and egg donation costs also vary for each situation.

Trying to manage and cover the costs associated with surrogacy can be challenging for intended parents. Because of this, it is critical to work with an agency that is transparent about the different and variable costs. We incredibly transparent about costs to help eliminate financial surprises. We have developed programs to help intended parents control costs. We’ve worked hard to develop competitive and fair financing options, and three types of programs with different cost ranges for our intended parents. We understand the importance of transparency in our options, surrogacy costs, and any other associated costs.

Our goal is to partner with you for a smooth, comfortable process, without worrying about surprise fees and hidden surrogacy costs. Choose the program that best fits your needs as an intended parent and make surrogacy as affordable as possible. Our variety of plans and unique program modifications that allow you to tailor options that best fit your journey to parenthood.

Circle Surrogacy offers three program options for intended parents looking to have a child through surrogacy. All cost ranges below are estimates, based on a gestational surrogacy (low end) and gestational surrogacy with egg donation (high end) journey for U.S.-based intended parents.

  1. Essential Program $108k-$146k + IVF: Our Essential Program offers high-quality planning and coordination during every stage of your journey. Plus, you have the ability to customize your journey with add-on services.
  2. Fixed Fee Program $128k-$156k + IVF: Our exclusive Fixed Fee program guarantees a successful journey at a predictable cost, to help eliminate surprise fees in the middle of your journey.
  3. Concierge & VIP Variable Costs: The most personalized experience Circle offers, our Concierge & VIP Programs provide you with custom on-call support, as well as exclusive additions to our Fixed Fee plan. The cost of these programs vary, depending on the add-ons requested by intended parents.

So many factors of your journey can determine what your actual costs are, including: whether or not you require an egg donor, where your surrogate is located and insurance coverage. The process is different for everyone, and Circle believes in transparency, and eliminating as many surprises as possible along your journey. If you’re looking for more information on surrogacy costs, check out our 6 Tips for Covering the Costs of Surrogacy.

If you’re considering surrogacy, the best first step is to speak with a member of our parent intake team (many of whom are parents through surrogacy themselves!). They can answer any questions you have.

You can do this by requesting a complimentary consultation which allows you to meet in person or via video privately with an attorney and a process consultant to learn more about the process and surrogacy costs. In this meeting you’ll have an opportunity to share your story with us and why you’re chosen surrogacy to grow your family, and we’ll explain about our process and program offerings, and answer any questions you have.