International Surrogacy: Embarking on a Surrogacy Journey in the U.S.

First a bit of background. Matt and I have been married for eight years and we live in the UK. We started trying for a family straight away and after a long, and crazy, IVF journey we were blessed with a son four years later.

He is four now and we love him A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. However, we are both from a family where we have brothers. We felt incomplete since we were unable to give him a sibling. Our desperation to have another child outweighed all the fear of trying every which way to get a baby.

So, after several miscarriages and failed attempts with my eggs in a U.K. surrogate, we met with Circle Surrogacy and here Bo’s journey begins.


Surrogacy seemed like such a huge feat to surmount. With all the scary legal chat and admin, it felt impossible at first. And the money. It seemed like gambling your life away. But we did it. Once the decision was made and most of the information was processed, we signed on the dotted line and didn’t look back.

Coming to surrogacy after years of miscarriages and problems is hugely frustrating. There are so many twists and turns. Circle helped us immensely. They guided us through all of the bumps and steered us in the right direction.

The wonderful thing for us, after all our experiences in the U.K., was actually having guides the whole way. Circle holds your hand through everything. And the thing is, the challenges are worth it because you end up with a baby. Nothing can prepare you for the joy and happiness you feel when you finally meet your baby.

If you come from an infertility background, pregnancy is full of angst and apprehension. At times, it becomes impossible to imagine a happy outcome.

When I was pregnant with my son, my dad told me holding him in my arms would make all the pain, suffering and loss disappear. It didn’t. Of course I was completely in love with my son. That wasn’t the issue. Deep down, I was not complete. I knew my fertility journey was not over.

When I was lucky enough to watch my daughter come into the world and hold her for the first time in my arms, that’s when the loss went away. And then to see my son meet his long-wanted sister, there could simply be no pain or grief left in my body. Joy, happiness, and unimaginable peace entered our lives.


So you see, once you have begun to process all that information, embarking on surrogacy with Circle is not a gamble. It is a pathway to make your dreams come true. However long it takes and whatever bumps you encounter along the way—it is beyond worth it.

I type all of this whilst watching my beautiful daughter sleeping and life is pretty much perfect.

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