Inside Circle: Meet Sarah, Surrogate Outreach Coordinator

Surrogate Outreach Coordinator

There are so many amazing people who work at Circle, those who are in contact with our clients on a daily basis, and those who work behind the scenes. “Inside Circle” is a way for you to meet the people who support our egg donors, surrogates and intended parents each and every day. 


Today we spotlight Sarah, one of Circle’s Surrogate Outreach Coordinators. In her role, Sarah works with surrogates very early in the process, answering their questions, sharing her personal stories of surrogacy, and ensuring they are as comfortable as possible to begin a surrogacy journey. 

 Sarah joined the Circle family about a year ago as a Surrogate Outreach Coordinator. But her relationship with Circle began long before that! Sarah was a surrogate twice with Circle before she joined the team. It was during her surrogacy journeys that Sarah realized how much she enjoyed the surrogacy process as a whole, and could see herself helping other women at the beginning of their journeys. After joining Circle, she did a 3rd surrogacy journey just last year! 


Sarah cuddling with her first surrobaby.
Sarah cuddling with her first surrobaby.

Here, Sarah shares what brought her to Circle, what being a surrogate was like, and what the best part of her job is.

“What brought me to Circle was the desire to make an impact on someone’s life in a way that not many people could do. I found Circle through a Google search, and there was just something about it that made me choose them over any other agency. I’m so glad I did!” Sarah says.

Sarah is often asked what it’s like being a surrogate. Here’s what she has to say: “Being a surrogate is unlike any other experience I have had in my life. I went into it thinking it was just a physical thing that I was doing with my body, and then when the pregnancy ended, I would just go back to normal, and life would go on as it had. I was wrong, but in the best way! Being a surrogate was emotional, physical and extremely fulfilling!”

Sarah shares a quiet moment with her third surrobaby.
Sarah shares a quiet moment with her third surrobaby.

The best part of Sarah’s job is working with an amazing prescreening team. “We do our best each and every day to make sure that we are producing potential surrogates who are ready and informed about this process and what they can expect in their own journeys.”

Sarah has been married for almost 12 years, has two beautiful children, and a tribe of friends that she doesn’t know what she’d do without! She enjoys watching movies, spending time with her family and friends, and experiencing new things with her kids.

Thank you, Sarah, for helping intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood…3 times! And thank you for all you do each and every day at Circle. Preparing our surrogates for the process ahead is an important step in achieving successful journeys.

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