How Much Do Surrogates Make? New Surrogate Pay!

how much does a surrogate get paid

Even though earning money is not the primary motivation for becoming a surrogate mother, how much surrogates make is one of the most-discussed topics when women apply to be gestational carriers at our surrogacy agencies in California, Massachusetts, and New York. 

Ensuring gestational surrogates are properly compensated for their emotional, mental and physical dedication to the surrogacy journey is a priority at Circle Surrogacy, which is why we’ve created the most comprehensive pay and benefits package for surrogates, where they can earn $50,000-$60,000+!

Our new Surrogate Pay & Family Protection Program was created by surrogates, for surrogates, and offers surrogates and their families:

  • Competitive pay
  • Protection for the surrogate and her family throughout the journey, with guaranteed compensation, lost wages for partners/spouses and life insurance
  • Full transparency on all pay benefits—no surprises or out-of-pocket expenses
  • Zero risk to the surrogate should the need for additional support and payments arise
  • Flexibility in creating a personalized benefits package

Our compensation package is easy to understand, and outlines everything that goes into creating best-in-class surrogate pay and benefits.

How Much Does a Surrogate Make?

At Circle Surrogacy, a gestational carrier from any surrogacy-friendly state, regardless of her insurance, has the opportunity to earn between $50,000-$60,000+.

Calculating a surrogate’s base pay along with additional benefits and compensation is how we arrive at the total compenasation a gestational carrier can earn. 

What is Your Surrogate Base Pay?

First, a potential surrogate can calculate her base compensation by using our surrogate pay calculator. The calculator asks her to enter the state she resides in, whether or not she has health insurance, and if she is a first time or experienced carrier. Below is an example of a surrogate applicant who lives in Florida, has health insurance and is a first-time carrier.

Surrogate Compensation in Florida

She will then calculate her payment:

Surrogate Compensation

This shows her estimated base fee (in this case, $35,000), and what the total amount of her earning would be with the full benefits package (in this case, up to $55,000).

Benefits and Pay Added to a Surrogate Base Compensation

Because a surrogate journey spans 12 to 16 months, women are paid not only their base compensation, but also additional payments before their pregnancies, throughout the pregnancies, and after the babies’ births. Many of these benefits are in the form of money in the surrogate’s pocket, while other benefits are intangible, such as monthly licensed social work support, legal counsel, life insurance and a supportive surrogate social community.

The below payments and benefits are added to your base compensation.

Pre-Pregnancy Payments

As a surrogate, you will receive payments even before you’re pregnant. These payments total $3,250 and include:

  • $1,000 Signing Advance* when you sign your contract
  • $500 Medical Screening Advance* when you attend your medical screening at the IVF clinic
  • $1,000 Medical Clearance to Transfer Payment* when the clinic clears you for transfer
  • $750 Transfer Payment when you go for your embryo transfer

*Paid out of your base fee.

Personal and Home Care Payments

Surrogates will receive funds to use as they see fit during their pregnancies. Many surrogates use these payments for maternity clothing, housekeeping, and other personal pregnancy needs.

These payments total $3,900 and include:

  • $200/month monthly surrogate spending (for approximately 15 months. These payments begin with cycle medications.)
  • $500 (singleton)/$750 (twins) for maternity clothing
  • $400 for housekeeping

Childcare, Travel and Lost Wages Payments

During the surrogacy journey, surrogates are required to travel for medical screenings and embryo transfers to the Intended Parents’ IVF clinic, as well as attend local monitoring appointments close to their homes.

Circle pays lost wages or childcare for the surrogate while she’s fulfilling her surrogacy contract. Circle also pays lost wages to the surrogate’s travel companion for any work missed for the screening and transfer. So the surrogate’s travel companion never has to worry about missing work and not being paid—we take care of that, with no cap on the reimbursement.

These payments total $5,000+ and include:

  • $5,000 for travel and meals for the medical screening and transfer (average)
  • Childcare or lost wages (for the surrogate) while fulfilling the surrogacy contract—this payment varies and there is no cap
  • Travel companion’s lost wages for work missed for travel for the screening and transfer—this payment varies and there is no cap

4th Trimester Self-Care Package Payments

We understand that the journey isn’t over for surrogates the minute they give birth. The 4th trimester is an important time during the process for the surrogate to heal, spend time with family, and take care of herself. Circle will compensate and support you during this time.

These payments total $5,350 and include:

  • $250/month post-pregnancy flex spending (for 2 months)
  • $2,000/$4,000 Post-birth recovery lost wages or childcare (average; up to 4 weeks for a vaginal delivery, up to 6 weeks for a c-section)
  • $200 Family meal gift card
  • Up to $1,000 for Pumping supplies
  • Up to $250/week for Pumping payments (assumed 4 weeks, but could be much more!)

Benefits Included in Every Journey

There are also benefits for surrogates that are not monetary, but very important for the protection of her and her family, and for mental and emotional support through this beautiful process.

These benefits include:

  • Life Insurance, Complications Insurance and Maternity Insurance, paid for by Intended Parents
  • Licensed social work support throughout the journey and after birth
  • Welcome kits and special gifts throughout the journey
  • Post-partum and doula resources
  • Vibrant social surrogate community

Personalized Surrogate Benefits with Circle

One of the benefits of being a large surrogacy agency, with over 25 years in business, is that Circle has had the opportunity to listen to our surrogates—and the experienced carriers who are part of our staff—to continually make our pay and benefits package the best it could be.

We encourage women to share their thoughts if they think something is missing, or if they find higher compensation at another agency, and we can work together to create the best benefits package, personalized for them.

In addition to our new Surrogate Pay & Family Protection Program, Circle offers peace of mind for surrogates and their partners/spouses/families with our Circle Surrogate Promise, which promises guaranteed compensation, no medical bill liability, empowerment in birth choices and more.

Ready to Apply to Be a Surrogate?

If you’re ready to become a surrogate, you can read through our surrogate requirements to see if you qualify. If you feel you would make a good gestational surrogate, we encourage you to apply on our website.

We look forward to meeting you!