First Ever Financing Plan for Surrogacy and Egg Donation








A new financial product indicates a step forward in making fertility services more widely available

Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation has been helping to make parenthood possible for 25 years and recently began offering the first ever financing plan for surrogacy and egg donation. This represents a brand-new financial product and a major step forward in a sector that can be financially devastating. Having a child with third party support can cost $100K – $200K+, and it is the only option for same-sex male couples or fertility-challenged heterosexual couples to build their biological families.

Cost of Surrogacy

Growing a family through surrogacy is a monumental emotional – and financial – journey. In the United States, surrogacy costs can range between $100K-$200K, depending on the services required – parents who need both an egg donor as well as a gestational carrier will pay more. The choice of surrogacy agency, fertility clinic, and insurance plans also influence the price. For heterosexual couples, this cost often comes after trying medical solutions to their fertility such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) which can also result in bills of over $100,000.

There are 4 categories of costs for a surrogacy journey:

  • Professional Fees
  • Gestational Carrier (i.e., surrogate) and Egg Donor Fees
  • Medical & Insurance Expenses
  • IVF Expenses

There are so many professionals involved at each step of the process, including medical, legal, accounting, and social work professionals which can drive up the cost of surrogacy well about $100,000. Costs also include the care and attention the surrogate requires through pregnancy and childbirth, as well the need for management of the entire journey from start to finish. Surrogacy agency employees are experienced in these journeys, so they understand what’s needed at each step, how to work with IVF clinics, how to manage the intended parents’ escrow account, and the legal necessities to protect the intended parents.

First Ever Financing Plan for Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation recently began offering the first-ever financing plan for surrogacy and egg donation. This new financing plan allows intended parents to defer about half of the cost of their journey – $65,000 – and pay back the amount over 3 or 6 years. This is the first ever financial product of its kind, and the largest uncollateralized loan outside of student lending in the United States, which represents an important step forward in the fertility industry. The financing plan is currently available to qualifying intended parents who reside in select US states.

In a sector that places a disproportionate financial burden on women and LGBTQ+ populations, including fertility testing, IVF treatments, egg freezing, newborn care, and more, insurance companies and corporate benefit plans have begun to cover family planning. Many of these programs are designed to support the recruiting and retention of minority populations by providing family building resources. New venture-backed solutions like Future Family and Carrot have emerged, and traditional banks and lenders are exploring the field. In the future, these trends may lead to equality for those who wish to build biological families.

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