How to Find a Surrogacy Agency

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If you’ve started a search for a surrogacy agency, you will have likely found that there are MANY different surrogacy agencies out there from which to choose. As you do your research, you’ll need to decide what’s important to you in a surrogacy agency: size? experience? location? This will help you narrow down your agency search to your top 2-3 that you can then meet with to do a “gut check” to see if they are the right agency for you.

There are a few different ways to select a surrogacy agency. 

  • Word of mouth. Getting a recommendation from someone who has gone through the process with an agency is helpful in choosing a surrogacy agency. You are able to hear firsthand about the process and their experience.
  • Clinic referral. If you’ve been working with an IVF clinic and need to pursue an alternative path to parenthood, many IVF doctors can recommend surrogacy agencies with which they work closely. Circle Surrogacy has worked with top fertility clinics for many years. Circle works with any clinic Intended Parents choose.
  • Internet research. It’s not uncommon to start your surrogacy agency search with a Google search. This is a great way to learn what is surrogacy, but also to compare the different surrogacy agencies out there.

Here are a few considerations when you are looking to find a surrogacy agency:

Surrogacy Philosophy 

Because every agency is different, their approaches to surrogacy will differ as well. Some agencies will help guide you along your process, but much of the coordination will be up to intended parents. Other agencies are more full-service and will handle much of the coordination and management of the journey. Circle Surrogacy is a full-service agency, with all applicable parties “under one roof” – Program Coordination, Legal, Accounting – which can mean a smoother journey and less management for intended parents.

Agency Location

Surrogacy Agency Location
Angela Rastegar at Circle Surrogacy in California!

We’re going to say it: your surrogacy agency does not need to be a “local” agency. If you like the idea of working with an agency that is close by, Circle has 3 offices in Boston, MA, New York City, NY, and Burlingame, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area and many employees across the country!

However, you can have a very successful journey with a surrogacy agency without ever actually visiting the agency. Half of Circle’s intended parents are international; and while we may meet with them initially when we are conducting surrogacy consultations in their country, they have found it’s very easy to have an agency that is half a world away and communicate with video chat, WeChat and email. Circle holds events around the world, as well as Skype consults whenever it’s convenient for intended parents.

If you’re interested in registering for a consult, you can visit our events page, or let us know directly through our parent registration portal!


Agency Experience

surrogacy agency
Kristin Marsoli, Director of Marketing at Circle – Parent through surrogacy!

A surrogacy and egg donation agency’s history is one of the more important factors to consider. As more and more intended parents have turned to gestational surrogacy to create their families, new surrogate parenting agencies have opened up all over the world. Make sure your agency has a track record of successful journeys. Finding an agency with staff members who have personal connections to surrogacy and/or egg donation can provide a sense of comfort as they can identify with every step of the journey and help guide you through the process. Fun fact: 40% of Circle’s staff has experience as parents, surrogates or egg donors through the program or have grown their families via IVF or adoption!

Over the last few years, gestational surrogacy has grown as a way to build families for heterosexual and same sex singles and couples across the U.S. and around the world.

The first step in any surrogacy journey is research, and educating yourself about the surrogacy process, and what to look for in a surrogacy agency.

Circle Surrogacy is happy to speak with intended parents who are early in the process to talk to them about our surrogacy programs, and to see if Circle would be a good agency fit. You can reach out to Circle via email of by calling 857-299-7900.