Find an Egg Donor – Newly Added Egg Donors (August 3rd, 2018)

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Donor 38408 Jessica Jessica is a very friendly, happy person who describes herself as a bit of an over-achiever who set high goals for herself. In high school, she was a member of The National Honor Society, was a leader in many clubs, and won awards of distinction. She is independent and a bit of an introvert, but she has many friends (she has been to 39 weddings and was a bridesmaid 8 times and a maid of honor 5 times). Jessica has a passion for art and design and has won professional awards for her design work as a magazine art director.  Learn more about Jessica







Donor 38285 – Morgan Morgan is a intelligent young woman who has many talents and interests. She was in the National Honor Society in high school, a research fellow in college and valedictorian for her undergraduate class. Morgan is very analytical and logical, and enjoys politics, philosophy, and psychology, but she is also athletic and adventurous and enjoys riding horses, rock climbing, and flying – she even has her pilot’s license. Morgan also loves to sing and dance and is involved in many volunteer organizations. She plans to graduate in 2019 with a Master’s in Wildlife Biology and then pursue a PhD.  Learn more about Morgan







Donor 36215 – Lauryn Lauryn is a hard-worker who gives her all to everything she does. She has earned several awards and recognition throughout her 5+ years of service to our country and participates in several volunteer organizations on her base. She is a very caring and giving person and is considered the “mom” of her group of friends! Some of the things she enjoys doing is being in the outdoors, writing poetry, playing Lacrosse, and swimming. Lauryn is currently in Nursing school and her goal is to eventually enroll in Medical school to become a doctor. Learn more about Lauryn