Financing the Cost of Surrogacy

A couple looking to finance surrogacy to start their family receives notice that they have been approved.

The cost of surrogacy is one of the primary barriers to growing your family using gestational surrogates, which is why Circle Surrogacy offers a unique financing program designed specifically with intended parents in mind. Even though the cost of surrogacy can vary widely, our specialists in NYC, California, and Boston can help you navigate financial—and emotional—factors involved in becoming a parent.

Our goal is to provide access to as many intended parents as possible by helping people finance the cost of surrogacy and specifically explaining what costs are covered—and not covered—when intended parents work with an agency.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

You’ll discover that surrogacy agencies have different fees, and it’s important to understand what those fees pay for in each case. At Circle Surrogacy, we offer a fixed price option for surrogacy. Depending on whether parents need a surrogate (gestational carrier) as well as an egg donor, the average cost for surrogacy ranges from $148,750 to $172,750. We recognize that’s a significant amount of money. Surrogacy is a complex process, and an agency fee pays for experts such as attorneys, social workers, screening and matching with egg donors and surrogates, and other professionals needed to manage the journey.

It’s important to understand at the outset of your journey that an agency fee does not cover the costs of in vitro fertilization (IVF), which can range from $7,000 to $10,000 for those intended parents with embryos already created, and $29,900 or more for intended parents who need to create embryos.

Is it less expensive to pursue surrogacy without an agency? That’s often the case, but intended parents should understand that the process they’re about to navigate involves finding their own surrogate, managing the surrogacy process and their journey, coordinating with IVF clinics and local monitoring clinics, and finding their own lawyers to handle legal surrogacy contracts. In short, you’ll be making extremely complex choices during a very emotional journey.

You can find comprehensive information about the various options for funding your gestational carrier journey in this blog post published in July 2020.

How Does Circle Surrogacy’s Financing Plan Work?

Earlier this year, we introduced a plan that is the first financial product of its kind, available exclusively through Circle Surrogacy for qualifying intended parents living in specified states. The plan allows intended parents to defer $65,000 of the cost of their journey and repay the amount over 3 to 6 years.

Combined with Circle Surrogacy’s Journey Protection Guarantee Program, the exclusive financing plan gives intended parents the ability to better plan for surrogacy and egg donation costs.

For intended parents living in states not eligible for the financing plan, Circle Surrogacy works with Prosper Healthcare Lending. Prosper offers access to affordable financing for fertility expenses, including treatments, procedures, and medications.

Intended parents at the outset of their journeys who want more information about the surrogacy process and the cost of surrogacy can schedule a complimentary consultation at Circle Surrogacy by contacting us at +1 (617) 439-9900.