Fertility Treatments: What is “Semi-Known Egg Donation?”

semi known egg donationWhen it comes time to decide upon the type(s) of egg donation arrangement(s) you are open to, learning more about your options is vital. Circle offers 3 types of egg donation arrangements to egg donors and intended parents. If you have read our recent blog post on known egg donation, you’re a third of the way there. The second option is a semi-known donation.

What is “semi-known egg donation?” In semi-known donations, intended parents and egg donors can negotiate and create a relationship model that feels best. Every relationship is different, and there are varying degrees of contact between IPs and donors. In a semi-known egg donation arrangement, there is no exchange of identifying information. Most people who choose this route do opt for some form of communication. Whether it be over Skype, a phone call, or through email and/or written letters, IPs and donors can connect and maintain different levels of contact based on the agreement they come to before officially matching.

What are the benefits of a semi-known donation? A semi-known donation allows both parties a chance to work alongside Circle to craft a program that suits each individual’s preferences. By opening the door to conversation, IPs and donors can establish stronger bonds and feel more connected to the donation, which in turn may feel more like a partnership. Many of Circle’s past IPs and experienced donors echo this sentiment and acknowledge the benefits of contact.

Here’s what one of our intended parents had to say about his relationship with his egg donor, which was made possible by communication:

  • “It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that the little one is on the way and that a life centered on raising a child is here for me at last. I had such a wonderful time meeting up with baby’s donor mum and her husband in LA, they are a truly amazing young couple, and we have a relationship that will always remain solid.”

And here’s something from one of our experienced donors:

  • “My intended parents are so nice!!! I loved talking to them. I feel like they will be fantastic, wonderful parents. I would be very happy to help complete their family. Thank you so much for facilitating this match.”

How do you know if a known donation is right for you? There is no “best type fits all” when it comes to choosing the type of egg donation arrangement to pursue. But before you decide which type(s) of donation you are open to, it is a good idea to do your research.

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