Experienced Carrier Week: Sibling Journey Appreciation

Sibling Journey Circle Surrogacy

One thing that sets Circle Surrogacy apart from other agencies is the number of surrogates who come back to us to do a sibling journey! The relationships built between our intended parents and surrogates is unmatched! Most parents who come back to the program to do a sibling journey request the same surrogate, which speaks to our matching process and how incredible Circle surrogates are! 

We chatted with four amazing surrogates who have done sibling journeys through Circle and asked them about their motivation, experience, and advice for someone considering a sibling journey! Check out their answers below.


Sibling Journey Circle Surrogacy


What made you want to do a sibling journey?

“I knew before our first transfer that there were 3 embryos in all. My IPs wanted to give every embryo a chance! After our first journey, we became family. I couldn’t picture anyone else carrying those babies. Plus, surrogacy is so amazing. It’s like a longing feeling after birth. You want to do it again!” – Rabekka

“I was so excited when the intended father asked me if I wanted to do a sibling journey. I knew he had a remaining embryo and it was something we talked about frequently. Having another baby for him was just as important as having another baby for my own family. It wouldn’t feel the same if I wasn’t involved.” – Trista


“The first journey was a life changing experience starting from when we matched with our IPs. We have cried, laughed, and experienced so much together. My IPs will now forever be in our lives and our kids will get to grow old together. Because of how pleasant the first journey was, our strong bond and relationship with my IPs, my husband and I decided to help them one more time.” – Elizabeth


How was your sibling journey different from the first journey?

“This journey so far have been easier. I only needed one transfer, which help a lot. I’ve been able to be in better shape! Hoping that the pregnancy continues like this.” – Lilibeth

“The main difference is that the first journey the embryo was a girl, and now it is a boy. This is my first pregnancy with a boy. My first trimester was something I have never experienced before. Now that I am in my second trimester I am improving. Everything else overall is coming along the same way as before, which is a great thing! – Elizabeth


“The communication was easier. There was no awkwardness either. It was like having a baby for a friend instead of having a baby for a stranger.” – Trista


sibling surrogacy journey circle surrogacy


How did your friends and family respond when you told them you wanted to do a sibling journey?

“They were very supportive; they are delighted we get to continue our life journey with my intended parents.” – Elizabeth

“My husband reacted excellently. He always supports me 100% on everything.” – Lilibeth

“They were all so excited. Everyone has been so invested in the surrogacy journeys I’ve had. I think they were all more eager than I was!” – Trista

“They were supportive! They knew how much surrogacy meant to me, how much my IPs meant to me.” – Rabekka

How did your relationship with your intended parents change or develop during your second journey? 

“It definitely got stronger. There are a lot of emotions that you go through during a surrogacy pregnancy, but doing so in the midst of a pandemic made everything so much more emotional and scary. Knowing I had a friend to lean on during this was amazing. My husband was great, but he wasn’t emotionally invested in the pregnancy like the IF was. So having him to lean on for things my husband wouldn’t understand was great!” – Trista


“We feel so blessed to have met our IPs 4 years ago. The bond and appreciation we have for each other is something not everyone gets to experience. We are now a family, and we are enjoying this new sibling journey as a family.” – Elizabeth


I feel like it has gotten stronger since we all wanted to do a sibling journey and actually pursuing it. But they also have an almost 2 year old, so we are close but don’t talk as often.” Rabekka


surrogacy sibling journey building relationships with intended parents


What is one thing that you wish you knew?

“That everything would be okay. There were a lot of emotions and every one of them had to do with the pandemic. I live in a red zone and he lives in an area that is super strict. The worry was always there. Would he be able to make it? Would he be able to go home? Will the baby be okay to travel that far? Will she get sick? There was so much that was constantly weighing on me. I wish I would’ve known it would be just fine.” – Trista


“I wish I knew that even if you have a perfect first journey,  it doesn’t mean the second one will be perfect as well. Expect the unexpected and try to always be positive.” – Rabekka 


“The hard part is the FET and I wish I knew a little bit more about that. Also that I could participate or be notified of the decisions with the eggs. It made a whole difference when it’s a quality egg.” – Lilibeth

“I wish I knew how to mentally prepare for a failed transfer. When you experience a failed transfer coming from such a successful pregnancy, it really is a wake up call that not everything will go as expected.” – Elizabeth

Any words of advice to other surrogates considering a sibling journey? 

“Take your time to heal emotionally and physically and don’t take anything for granted. If your life is balanced and you have a great relationship with your IPs, the sibling journey is worth it as it feels more of a continuation than starting over.” – Elizabeth

The advice that I can give is, if you think that you want to do it, do it. Everybody is different and has different situations in their life, but definitely the second journey it’s easier than the first one and that’s a plus.” – Lilibeth


I would encourage anyone to do it if it was something they were wanting.  I’d also suggest getting to know the IPs on a deeper level. The first time seemed more professional, the second journey was more personal.” – Trista


“If you’re on the fence about a sibling journey, give it some time. I truly believe your whole heart has to be in it to enjoy the process.” – Rabekka

Sibling Journey Appreciation

At Circle Surrogacy, we are incredibly grateful for all of our surrogates who have come back to do a sibling journey. As these lovely ladies said above, it’s an amazing and rewarding experience. Building a relationship with your IPs is such an important part of the experience and can lead to lifelong friendships! 

If you’re looking to become a surrogate, you can learn more about the process on our website, or fill out an application today! We cannot wait to meet you!