A Guide to Getting Back Into Exercise After a Surrogate Birth

Exercise after a surrogate birth

A Guide to Getting Back Into Exercise After a Surrogate Birth

Written by: Lucy Hellstrom on behalf of Circle Surrogacy

After giving birth, most women dream about returning to their pre-baby body as soon as possible. While half of the baby weight may come off six weeks after giving birth, it can take several months to more than a year before a woman who’s had a surrogate birth sheds the rest of the excess weight. Moreover, there’s the matter of lost muscle tone and energy, which is something that mothers and surrogates want to regain. Thankfully, there’s a surefire way to shed the pounds and feel revitalized, and that’s through good old fashioned exercise. However, there are things that you should keep in mind before starting an exercise routine right after giving birth. Here’s a guide to get back into working out after a surrogate birth.

Pre-pregnancy Fitness Matters

Apart from eating healthily, women who want to be a surrogate should also exercise regularly, as being fit can help you feel your best during pregnancy, and it also helps you to shed the weight faster after giving birth. Also, know that you can continue to exercise once you’re pregnant, although you’ll need your doctor’s approval to workout to prevent any complications. You should also remember to have safety measures in place while exercising to avoid getting sick, and one way to do this is by practicing good hygiene before and after working out.

Ensure at all times that your personal exercise equipment is properly sanitized to avoid illnesses while you’re expecting. Studies have shown that most gym equipment is teeming with germs and bacteria that can cause a host of health problems ranging from the common cold to E.coli. The latter can be particularly harmful to the health of a pregnant woman and life-threatening for an unborn child, so make sure to clean your gym equipment well with organic or natural cleansers like baking soda to stay well. If you go to a public gym, make sure to wipe down any piece of equipment with disinfectant wipes before using them to safeguard your health and the baby’s well-being.

Easy Does It

Don’t rush into a workout regimen after giving birth. Experts recommend that women should wait until the postnatal checkup before taking up any form of exercise, so anywhere between six to eight weeks after giving birth will be the ideal time to start working out. Start with stretching exercises and some brisk walking to get your body used to moving again; then gradually move on to other forms of cardio like running or swimming if you don’t experience any bleeding or pain. Once you’re accustomed to working out again, you can go on an exercise and diet plan to efficiently lose weight.

Lose the Belly Fat

If you’re struggling to lose the belly fat, there are some workouts that you can do to tone your tummy and get a more defined waistline. Yoga and Pilates are two of the most effective, low-impact exercises that can help diminish the flab. As a bonus, these workouts can also help you regain your strength and stay mentally fit, so plan on doing yoga or Pilates sessions at least four times a week to see good results. Abdominal exercises like sit ups and crunches can also help to flatten your belly. However, it’s best to do these exercises along with other cardio workouts, such as swimming and jogging, for all over body fitness.

Getting your pre-pregnancy body back after a surrogate birth may be a priority, but remember to take it easy during the first few weeks after giving birth. Focus on gaining back your strength and flexibility during workouts, and pick exercises that you enjoy doing so you’re more likely to do them on a regular basis. In time, you’ll see the results of your hard work, so get moving and get back into working out as soon as you’re able to do so.


Getting back into exercising after a surrogate pregnancy can be tough, but as long as you are listening to your doctors and being safe, you can do it!

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