Circle Employee Spotlight: Scott Buckley

Circle Employee Highlight: Scott Buckley

Highlight: Scott Buckley

Scott Buckley
Scott and his family!

All of our employees have something special that they bring to their team and the company that makes the work so extraordinary.The consensus around Circle is that one of the best things about the company is the people that work there.

We’re so proud of everyone that works here that we’re spotlighting our amazing employees so others can see what makes Circle so special.

Meet Scott Buckley, Circle Surrogacy’s Vice President of Client Services, who has been a part of the Circle Family since 2003!

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience before you came to Circle? 

Circle was my first real job!  I began working with Circle when I was in law school.  I say “with Circle” because at that time, Circle Surrogacy was located within the walls of a law firm, Lawson & Weitzen, so I was technically a law clerk for Lawson & Weitzen and later an attorney at that firm.  My jobs before Circle included working at the Boston College bookstore during my school years and managing gift shops at an amusement park over some of my summers.

Where did you start when you first came to Circle? What do you do now? How were you able to move up in your career at Circle? 

I started as a law clerk, then became an attorney.  As the legal department grew, I became the manager of the legal department, then the Director of Legal Services and a Partner at Weltman Law Group.  As Circle continued to grow, I was asked to become the Director of Operations, primarily to help restructure departments and establish protocols. I now am the Vice President of Client Services, which allows me to focus on our Intended Parents, both by helping bring them into Circle and addressing some of the more serious problems they face during their journeys.

I think much of my progress at Circle was a result of hard work, attention to detail and not being afraid to take on new challenges and make decisions.  I have always appreciated that at Circle, whenever I felt something was not being done well, I was given an opportunity to find a better solution.

What are the most important things you’ve learned along the way during your time here? 

Families are created in different ways and we need to respect that what is right for one person may not be right for another.  It’s important that while we try to support and educate Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors, not impose our own beliefs on them.  Our role is to help people make educated, informed decisions.

What changes have you seen at Circle and in the surrogacy industry since you’ve worked at Circle?

Scott Buckley
Scott and his daughter

When I began working at Circle, surrogacy was a foreign concept to most.  There were very few people or agencies in the field, almost no regulation of the industry and many issues that arose were the first of their kind.  Since that time, surrogacy has become a viable way for people to have children which has provided Intended Parents, Surrogates and Donors many options.  

At Circle, we have gone through many stages of development.  First, Circle changed from what was almost a hobby or part time business, to a full time small business.  Next, Circle experienced tremendous growth, changing from a small competitor in the market, to the largest agency in the US.  Now, Circle is becoming a leader in the industry, not just in size, but in innovation. We are setting the standard on how things should be properly done and creating new programs which make the process safer, more successful and hopefully more obtainable to people who need our services.

What is your favorite part of your job? 

This is difficult as I really have three different parts of my job that I love.  First, I really enjoy meeting Intended Parents. I have always been energized by meeting new people and sitting down with IPs to educate them about surrogacy is still a passion.  Second, I love the people I work with. I’m not from the Boston area but feel like I have grown up with many of the people around here. I started working here before I was married or had kids of my own, so many of my coworkers have been my support through times of change.  Sometimes we bicker like family, but we have always been here for each other, professionally and personally. Finally, I have really enjoyed the freedom to make changes and create new programs. I enjoy identifying problems and finding new and creative solutions.

Scott Buckley and the team
Scott Buckley and the team

What is something we might not know about you? 

I have a lot of very diverse interests.  I think by now most people know I still play in an adult dodgeball league every week and that I am the Chairman of the School Committee in my town.  I don’t think people know that while I never planned to be in the surrogacy industry, I have always had a passion for issues related to children. I was President of the Boys & Girls Club at Boston College, wrote a 120 page thesis about student free speech rights post-Columbine in college and served as a Guardian ad Litem for inner city girls while in law school. 

Thank you Scott Buckley!

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