Circle Employee Spotlight: Amanda Corsaro, Esq.

Amanda Corsaro, ESQ

Highlight: Amanda Corsaro, Esq.

amanda corsaro, Esq
Amanda and her boyfriend, Cliff

All of our employees have something special that they bring to their team and the company that makes the work so extraordinary.The consensus around Circle is that one of the best things about the company is the people that work there.

We’re so proud of everyone that works here that we’re spotlighting our amazing employees so others can see what makes Circle so special.

Meet Amanda Corsaro, Esq. one of Circle’s amazingly talented Attorneys! We’ll do our best to spread out highlighting all of the different Amandas, but it’s not easy when we’ve got so many and love them all!

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience before you came to Circle? 

Prior to Circle, I worked in a completely different “world”. I was handing cases for criminals, matrimonial/family cases, and estate planning cases. I handled many cases that most people cannot believe I handled nor do they understand how I handled them. My background in the criminal field was handling cases for those with mental health and substance abuse issues, veterans, and those charged with capital offenses, drug offenses, sexual offenses, and crimes against children.

Where did you start when you first came to Circle? What do you do now? How were you able to move up in your career at Circle? 

I started as an attorney at Circle, handling cases for intended parents with regards to their donor agreements, carrier agreements, and helping establish their parentage. Now, I am working closer with Natalie Kanellis, Senior Counsel, with regards to insurance issues and appeals. I have also started to work with our matching team, to help match intended parents in a legally sound state. 

amanda corsaro, esq
Amanda, her cousin Bradyn, & her mom in Italy

What are the most important things you’ve learned along the way during your time here? 

Check which Amanda you are emailing…haha! It is great to utilize the team around you. It is also very helpful to utilize those on other teams, especially when dealing with a difficult situation or issue. It is great when you feel like you have people on your side, not just giving you the guidance and support necessary, but also rooting for your success and growth. 


What changes have you seen at Circle and in the surrogacy industry since you’ve worked at Circle?

Since I started at Circle in 2018, the company has grown a lot! It is great to watch and be apart of. Adding new team members is fantastic, as it helps the growth of the Circle family.

More states have passed surrogacy statutes, making surrogacy much more available and easier, such as my home state of New Jersey. Maybe we can get my other home state, New York, on the bandwagon too!

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Baby pictures!! I love when I get baby pictures from Intended Parents, well, at that time they are parents!

amanda corsaro, esq
Jaiden with Manda the Panda 😉

What is something we might not know about you? 

I had to actually ask for help on this one! I have a 16 year old step-son, Jaiden! I have four degrees and am licensed in three states. I have traveled a lot, nationally and internationally. I love snowmobiling and spend most of my winters in the snow (even further north than Massachusetts!). 

Stay tuned for the next Employee Spotlight to learn more about our amazing team and put faces to names you may have heard during your journey! You can also learn more about our team on our website or follow our page on LinkedIn!

Thank you Amanda Corsaro, Esq.! We’re so glad to have you!