Join Circle Surrogacy for Egg Donor Reddit AMA!

We’re hosting another Reddit AMA! 

Join us on October 16th from 11AM to 2PM EST for our Egg Donation Reddit AMA. We’re often asked about what it is like being an egg donor, and there is no one better to answer your questions than a four time egg donor herself!

Gina-Marie Madow

Gina-Marie received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Roger Williams University and her Juris Doctor from Massachusetts School of Law. She has been working at Circle since 2007 assisting in all aspects of client legal work, including legal consultations, contracts, establishment of parental rights, insurance reviews, state and country laws research, and estate planning. Gina-Marie enjoys working closely with intended parents at the beginning of their journeys. She has also personally completed 4 egg donations to further assist intended parents with building their families.

Ask Her Anything

Listen and join in the discussion as Gine-Marie talks about her experiences as an egg donor!

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If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor, or interested in applying, you can do so on our website!