Do I Have to Travel as an Egg Donor?

egg donor travel

We receive tons of questions from prospective egg donors regarding the travel aspect of egg donation. To help clarify misconceptions, answer questions, and address concerns, we’ve crafted this blog post for you! Get the low down on what Circle donors experience in terms of travel and related costs.

Will I be required to travel if I become an egg donor?

As Circle’s intended parents work with IVF clinics around the country, our egg donors are required to travel. We can certainly try and match you with IPs who are local to you, but that may decrease your chances of being chosen as an egg donor.

How many trips are involved?

Egg donors typically travel two times to the intended parents’ clinic: once for the medical screening and once for the egg retrieval. The duration of your second visit (egg retrieval) depends on the IVF center’s protocol and your body’s response to the medications. It could be as short as two days or as long as 10 days. However, most clinics require egg donors to be at the IVF about one week prior to the retrieval. Check with your intended parents’ IVF center on how they typically proceed.

What are local monitoring appointments, and will I be reimbursed for those?

Local monitoring appointments are visits to a clinic near your home where you’ll be tested on how you’re responding to the fertility medications. You need to attend local monitoring appointments instead of being at the parents’ IVF clinic depends on the clinic’s protocol. The test results from these appointments are sent to your IPs’ IVF clinic. Travel expenses associated with local monitoring appointments, such as gas mileage and parking meters, are paid for by your intended parents.

Who pays for travel expenses for my screening and retrieval?

Intended parents pay for travel, including flights, hotel, ground transportation, and a daily stipend. Lost wages, however, aren’t covered during the screening or retrieval, as your fee is intended to cover all lost wages. All reimbursements are paid promptly upon our receipt of your requests and proof of paid expenses.

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