How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?

Surrogates Paid Compensation

Surrogate compensation is usually at the top of our list of most commonly asked questions from potential surrogates. We completely understand the curiosity considering the responsibilities involved. Being a surrogate is an enormous commitment and the most wonderful gift you could give to another person. We recognize how generous being a surrogate is, and believe that you should be paid for your service.

Each surrogate is different, and our benefits packages are designed to be customizable and flexible. To get an idea of your potential earnings, use the payment calculator on our surrogate page to calculate your estimated payment based on your status and location. This form will determine your base fee as well as additional fees you may qualify for.

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Each surrogate will have unique needs and qualifications, which means there is no “one size fits all” answer for everyone. The base fees range from $30-$40k. The state you live in, insurance status, and other factors contribute to which base fee you qualify for. Benefits beyond your compensation come from working with an agency who has supported the needs of surrogates for over two decades. We have experienced gestational carriers on staff and at your disposal for questions, advice and so much more.

Below is the breakdown of everything you need to know about surrogate pay or compensation. Should you have more questions, we’ve updated our FAQS page with common questions from women interested in becoming surrogate mothers. 

Although the monetary benefits of being a surrogate mother are significant enough to be life-changing, the emotional and psychological benefits are truly transformative. Because of this, you will receive compensation in the time leading up to that for transfers as well as the medical screening and signing your contract.

Benefits Before Pregnancy

  • $500 Expedited Screening Bonus*
  • $250 Signing Fee
  • $500 Medical Screening Fee
  • Paid travel expenses to IVF clinics, plus lost wages or childcare added to your base fee
  • $200/mo for Miscellaneous expenses when you begin cycle medications added to your base fee
  • $750 per transfer added to your base fee
  • $2,200 in total monetary benefits

Surrogate Pay

Your base fee is paid monthly in nine installments beginning with the confirmation of heartbeat, which occurs around six weeks gestation. The benefits outline below are in addition to your base fee. 

  • $200 / mo Miscellaneous Fee ($3,000+ total)
  • $500 or $750 multiples Maternity Clothing
  • $400 Housekeeping during last month of pregnancy
  • $1,200 (vaginal delivery) or $2400 (C-section)
  • Post-birth Recovery
  • Social Work Support
  • Independent Legal Counsel
  • Complications Insurance
  • $250,000 Life Insurance Policy
  • Medical and Financial Billing Assistance

Additional Benefits (as needed)

  • $250 Mock Cycle
  • $500 Cancelled Cycle
  • $1,000 Pregnancy Termination
  • $1,000 Selective Reduction
  • $500 Per Invasive Procedure
  • Weekly Compensation for Doctor-Ordered Bed rest
  • $3,000 Reproductive Organ Loss
  • $2,500 Caesarean Section
  • $5,000 Multiples Fee

Travel Expenses

Your intended parents cover any necessary travel expenses to your IVF clinic for the screening and transfer, including lost wages or childcare coverage. 

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If you’re feeling  ready to take the next step, fill out an application to become a surrogate! If you’re unsure on whether  you’re ready to apply, read 10 Ways to Know if You’re Ready to Become a Surrogate to help guide your decision and gauge your readiness!

Good luck!