Circle Surrogacy Clinical Director Emily Sonier Featured in “The Broadcast”

From The Broadcast

The Broadcast interviewed Circle Surrogacy Clinical Director, Emily Sonier, to discuss the public’s growing fascination with the surrogacy process. The article, Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy, points to the recent surge in celebrity surrogacy journeys as the catalyst to the public’s interest.

Author Carrie Murphy writes, “Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon, and Michael Jackson don’t necessarily seem like they have much in common at first blush, but these three celebrities do share one important quality: all of them became parents through surrogacy. Although knowledge of surrogacy as a family-building option is increasing due to high-profile celebrity parents (Kim Kardashian West has reportedly hired a surrogate to carry her third child), the ins and outs of the surrogacy process are still pretty mysterious to most people.”

Celebrities have had a positive impact on surrogacy. We appreciate all of the celebrities and public figures who have used their platform to dispell myths and sing the praises of their generous, amazing, inspiring surrogates. Letting gay couples, singles and those struggling with infertility know that they can become parents is truly wonderful.

In the piece, Murphy tackled a topic that is close to our team’s heart: the relationship between the surrogate and her intended parent(s). We promote the relationship for a variety of reasons but mostly because it is what’s best for the child’s self-identity.

An excerpt from Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy:

“Intended parents and surrogates keep in touch throughout the IVF process and the pregnancy. Sonier explains that clients at her agency are required to be in contact often: ‘We want intended parents and surrogates to communicate a lot. They’ve usually met at least three times before the baby is born. We hope that they’re building trust with each other.’

Depending on where they live in relation to the surrogate, intended parents can attend medical appointments, ultrasounds, and, often, the birth of their child. Sometimes, a further agreement past birth will be in place, like the opportunity for the surrogate to pump breast milk and send it to the baby. Agencies will usually follow up with both parties to ensure everything is going well after birth, including postpartum mental health checks for the surrogate.

And most often, the relationship between the surrogate and the intended parents continues in some form.”

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