Circling Back: A Journey from Case Manager to Surrogate to Program Coordinator

Anne Watson holds newborn

Anne Watson’s journey with Circle began in 2006. Since then, she worked as a Circle case manager, moved to Oklahoma, had two children, and became a surrogate. Most recently, she rejoined the Circle team as a program coordinator. The other day we chatted about her experiences. Here’s what she had to share.

How did you first become interested in surrogacy?

In college, I took a class on biotechnology and became fascinated by reproductive technology and IVF. I’m interested in all the different ways people are having families. When I heard Circle was creating the case manager position (which ultimately became the program coordinator role), I thought it sounded challenging and rewarding. I applied and started in 2006.

What has changed since you first started working at Circle?

Circle has definitely grown a lot. When I first started, there were probably eight employees and we were part of a Boston-based law firm. Now we have a beautiful office of our own with almost 50 employees. But a lot is still the same–it’s still a very personal experience. We’re still focused on finding the best and most qualified surrogates and making thoughtful matches with intended parents.

Pregnant woman stands in sunset silhouetted on the beach

What inspired you to become a surrogate?

My husband and I moved to Oklahoma in 2009. We got married that year and had our son in 2010 and our daughter in 2012.  Surrogacy was always something I considered after working at Circle, but I wanted to have my own family first before the possibility of helping create another.  When we had our two children, it felt like our family was complete.   I talked to my husband about pursuing surrogacy, and we both took several months to reflect.  After a little time and consideration, with his full support, I decided it was the right time to move forward.  I was thrilled to call up my former Circle colleagues who I have stayed in touch with over the years and let them know my decision.  I was ultimately matched in May of 2014, and after one successful transfer, we were pregnant and I delivered a beautiful baby girl this past July.

How does your experience as a surrogate help you with your work at Circle?

I’ve gained a whole new understanding and appreciation for what surrogates need. I know what it feels like to want something meaningful out of this process. I wanted to feel protected and supported, as I understood that this is a rollercoaster of a journey, and I knew Circle could help me through that.  Working in the IVF clinical setting for the past six years, I saw many couples achieve success with IVF, but I also saw many failures.  I know the heart and mission of the staff at Circle has not changed.  We all want to help these journeys end at that perfectly happy and blissful moment where the surrogates accomplish what they set out to do, and intended parents become parents.  I’m excited to be able to share my own experience with others.

What’s the best part about working at Circle?

I feel like we’re doing really important work. It is work but it’s not a boring job you have to suffer through. I’m grateful that my job entails doing something that changes people’s lives. The best part of the PC role is that you really get to know the people you’re helping.  I’m really happy to be back.

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