Circle’s Outreach Associate Brett and His Husband Share Surrogacy Story

Brett and his son

Brett Griffin-Young, Circle’s International Outreach Associate and his husband Matthew will be part of the Families Through Surrogacy Seminar Series in the UK and Ireland.

Brett and his husband embarked on a surrogacy journey 9 years ago in the U.S. to build their family. After three embryo transfers they had a successful pregnancy, and their son Sebastian was born on New Year’s Eve in 2009 in Colorado.

At the seminar, Brett will represent Circle Surrogacy in all 4 cities, leading a program on Surrogate/IP Matching. The focus of the program will be about Circle’s decades of experience matching intended parents and surrogates, helping develop and support IP/Surrogate relationships. Brett will detail how best-practice screening and matching works in the US, share what makes a good surrogate/intended parent match, and provide insight into how to ensure your surrogacy journey is as hassle-free as possible.

Brett’s husband Matthew will partake on the Parent Panel in Birmingham. This panel will feature local parents who successfully engaged in surrogacy who share their experiences and recommendations for those considering surrogacy, as well as answer audience questions.

At Circle, Brett works closely with international intended parents, educating them on surrogacy in the United States, and sharing his own personal story.

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