Circle Surrogacy’s Jen Rachman at CancerCon

CancerCon Surrogacy Jen Rachman points at Circle Surrogacy name on the banner

Last week our Outreach Coordinator Jen Rachman traveled to Denver, Colo. for CancerCon—the premier oncology conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement.

This gathering is the largest of its kind. They bring together over 600 hundred survivors, caregivers and advocates to connect, get educated, and build community.

Jen’s presence was important to her personally and to the community for many reasons. Jen is an ovarian cancer survivor, a parent through surrogacy, and a social worker. Now in her role at Circle Surrogacy, she helps educate parents about the process of surrogacy as they make their decision to embark on the journey to have a child with Circle.

This is unlike many of the conferences we attend. Most of the other vendors at CancerCon are non-profits offering support and resources. Circle was the only surrogacy agency present for the event exhibiting.

Jen’s role at the conference was to let survivors know what is possible. This particular trip was even more eventful since the surrogate she worked with, Chantel, stopped by to sit with her and speak with attendees. And, attendees had a lot to share with Chantel—mostly it was awe and gratitude, but also she was an inspiration to attendees to know that there are people in the world willing to help those who can’t have children on their own.

CancerCon Jen and Chantel pose behind Circle Surrogacy booth
Jen and Chantel.

Jen had many roles at the event, not the least of which being a panelist for “Parenthood After Cancer.” (Photo below).

CancerCon Surrogacy presentation on parenthood after cancer

On a personal level, Jen said the most rewarding aspect of the conference was hearing other people’s stories, insights, and experiences.

CancerCon exhibit photo of Circle Surrogacy booth providing info on parenthood after cancer

To learn more about becoming a parent through surrogacy, or get in touch with Jen, visit

Recently she was interviewed by Elite Daily for a short documentary about surrogacy. Watch it here!