Birth Announcement – Circle Surrogacy Welcomes Baby 1500!

Meet the newest additions to the Circle Surrogacy family!

We are honored to introduce Baby 1500 to the Circle family! This announcement is twice as nice, because it’s not one baby, but TWINS that arrived to bring Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation to this amazing milestone!

Babies Chloe and Simon were born to Dads Mick and Dale with the help of gestational surrogate Aubrey, and everyone is doing wonderfully.

Circle intended parents Mick and Dale

Mick and Dale happily reported that after only a few days, Chloe and Simon slept for 5 hours straight (!), allowing the Dads to get some much-needed rest. Something tells us that they better get all the sleep they can, as these two little ones are going to keep them on their toes!

We wish all the best to Mick, Dale and Aubrey. Congratulations on the birth of these two beautiful babies, and thank you being a part of the Circle family.

Join us as we celebrate #1500circlebabies all month long!

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