Circle Guest Post on Resolve NE: Facial Recognition and Egg Donation

Facial Recognition and Egg donation

This post, written by Circle’s very own Egg Donation Manager, Dory Ziperstein, was originally published by Resolve New England on September 2, 2018

The search for an egg donor can be based on a variety of criteria: cultural or ethnic background, education, athletic, or artistic talent. Now there is a new tool for parents to search for their “perfect” match in an egg donor: facial recognition.

In July 2018, Ovobank, a Spain-based company, announced their new technology that allows intended parents to upload a selfie photo of themselves that are then matched via facial recognition software to photos of egg donors in their clinic database who have a close resemblance. The result: parents are presented with egg donors who resemble them in physical appearance.

How Donor Facial Recognition Works
According to the Ovobank website, this technology studies ~100 points on the face to find similarities between the two matches, including distance between the eyes, lip shape, and length of nose, and uses a mathematical facial recognition algorithm to provide potential match options to recipients. This technology option is not new, but this recent announcement begs the question, what is the impact of this ability and its role within egg donation?

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