Circle Employee Spotlight: Danielle Adwell

danielle adwell

Highlight: Danielle Adwell

All of our employees have something special that they bring to their team and the company that makes the work so extraordinary. The consensus around Circle is that one of the best things about the company is the people that work there.

danielle adwell
Danielle and her husband!

We’re so proud of everyone that works here that we’re spotlighting our amazing employees so others can see what makes Circle so special.

Meet Danielle Adwell Circle’s amazingly talented Egg Donor Intake and Matching Coordinator! Danielle is an experienced egg donor with Circle Egg Donation and is committed to helping families grow. Learn more about her below!

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience before you came to Circle? 

Before I started at Circle, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Saint Leo University. Like many other students, I also worked full-time and gained experience from a variety of different positions. After graduation, I enrolled in a master’s in public health program at New York Medical College. Upon starting my graduate program, I was also working a contracted position with an infectious disease clinical research program at a nearby naval hospital. Right before my contract ended, I reached out to Circle in hopes of beginning a career with them and was honored to be accepted!

Why did you choose Circle? Was working in the surrogacy and egg donation industry important to you?

danielle adwell
Danielle hiking with her pup Reagan!

I, like so many Circle employees, had a much more personal relationship with Circle pre-employment. I decided in early 2019 that I wanted to be an egg donor with Circle and completed two donations that year. I had a much more rewarding experience than I could’ve ever imagined. In addition to this, I was blessed with such an amazing team that guided me through my journeys.

Between the egg donation team, social workers, legal representatives, and program coordinators, I was able to feel so comfortable, secure, and excited about the whole process. Circle proved to me that they care about their donors just as much as their intended parents and are truly working in the best interest of everyone involved. It was after my first donation that I realized just how passionate I was about helping families grow and wanted to continue to do so on a larger scale.

When it was time for me to search for another job, I thought about what an incredible opportunity it would be to work for such a compassionate company and have been so grateful to have been given the chance to do so.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy nearly all aspects of my job! However, if I had to narrow it down, I would say that I really enjoy helping other women feel comfortable and confident about the donation process as well as seeing donors match with intended parents. Few things bring me more joy than celebrating each little victory of egg donation, surrogacy, and parenthood.

danielle adwell
Danielle and her husband

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work? Any fun hobbies or interests?

On nice weather days I enjoy hiking, kayaking, or going to the beach with my husband and our dog. On rainy days, I typically binge watch the Harry Potter series or the newest Netflix original. 

What are a few things we might not know about you?

    • I, like my mother and BOTH my sisters, married an active duty military man (there’s somthin’ about a man in uniform). 
    •  I’m a certified lifeguard instructor and worked for a few years as a lifeguard supervisor/trainer with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. 
    • I’m addicted to all things chocolate and have a seemingly incurable sweet tooth.

Stay tuned for the next Employee Spotlight to learn more about our amazing team and put faces to names you may have heard during your journey! You can also learn more about our team on our website or follow our page on LinkedIn!

Thank you Danielle Adwell! We’re so glad to have you!