Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies — Kristin’s Story

Intended Parent Kristin with her Surrogate Brittani

Circle Surrogacy is celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long, by highlighting the amazing stories from their own employees, many of whom have participated in surrogacy journeys as surrogates or intended parents. Kristin, our new Marketing Director, shares her story as an intended parent. Kristin and her husband were blessed with baby #890 through Circle.

Kristin shares her favorite memory of her journey with Circle.

My favorite memory of our surrogacy journey (besides the birth of our son, of course!) was the day this photo was taken of me and my surrogate, Brittani.

Intended Parent Kristin with her Surrogate Brittani

I was traveling for work, and found myself only 2 hours away from her, and able to join her for an OB appointment. Normally, I witnessed the ultrasounds of our son via FaceTime, so it was amazing to be there in person, seeing his little body on the fuzzy screen, moving and kicking and turning.

After the appointment it was time for me to head to the airport for my flight home. We were three weeks away from the due date, but Brittani had mentioned some curious feelings she was having.

“I’m good to get on the plane?” I asked her for the fiftieth time.

“You’re good to go,” she smiled.

“No baby?” I asked.

“No baby,” she confirmed.

From the airport, I texted her one last time.

‘I’m good to get on the plane, right? No baby?’

 ‘Get on the plane. No baby!’

Two days later, we got the call. Brittani was headed the hospital, and the adventure was about to begin! Our son was born less than 24 hours later! Thankfully, we made it to Georgia in time to be there when he came into the world, and to have those ever-important first skin-to-skin moments with him.


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