Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies — Anne’s Story

Circle gestational surrogate Anne

Circle Surrogacy is celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long, by highlighting the amazing stories from their own employees, many of whom have participated in surrogacy journeys as surrogates or intended parents. Anne, our Manager of Medical Billing, shares her story as a surrogate. Thanks to Anne’s generosity and kindness, she brought baby #1047 into the Circle family.

Anne shared with Circle some special moments from her journey.

When did you know your IPs were “the ones”?

During my initial skype meeting with my IPs (who were from Rhode Island), we had to ask them if they were Red Sox or Yankee fans.  Rhode Island is a New England state which can sometimes go either way, so it was very important to clear that up so we could all move forward on peaceful terms! Thankfully, they were Red Sox fans, so we decided we could help them have a baby.

What was “birth day” like with your IPs?

The day of the birth was quite the adventure! My labor was slow to start, so my IPs and I walked the long hallways of the hospital for many hours into the night, trying to move things along.  As I waddled they patiently walked right alongside me, chatting up a normal conversation to help the time pass, and stopping with me as I leaned on the wall for each contraction.

When it came time to have the baby, there were about 10 people in the room. Doctor, nurses, and medical student onlookers who had never witnessed a surrogacy birth before.  We were the talk of the labor and delivery floor that day! As she came out and was placed on my stomach, my IPs were ready in their hospital gowns to provide that important skin-to-skin contact with their new daughter. I got to watch from my bedside as they experienced those first precious moments with their new baby.

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