Becoming a Surrogate in Rhode Island: Everything You Need to Know

Rhode Island Surrogacy

Surrogacy has been a hot topic in the news for the past few months as states have begun to change their laws around IVF and surrogacy.  Circle Surrogacy has been matching Rhode Island surrogate mothers with intended parents from around the world since 1995. Rhode Island is one the best states for surrogacy due to its close proximity to some of the best hospitals and IVF care in the world.

If you’re looking for how to become a surrogate, it’s important to understand the surrogacy laws in your state. Every state has different surrogacy laws, so it’s important to work with an agency with experience in Rhode Island law and have knowledgeable lawyers on staff, like Circle!

Rhode Island

With close proximity to cities like Providence and Boston, surrogates have access to quality care at some of the world’s best medical centers. Also, the coastal location near major airports also makes the area a convenient place to travel to for appointments for international Intended Parents.

Surrogacy Law in RI

Favorable Rhode Island surrogacy laws protect the surrogate, egg donor, and intended parents. Obtaining parental rights in Rhode Island is an easy and seamless process for all involved. Surrogates and intended parents rarely, if ever, have to go to court. In Rhode Island, pre-birth orders are generally obtained during the eighth month of pregnancy, and usually signed in the judge’s chambers without the parties present.

Surrogacy Requirements in RI

Surrogate requirements in the Old North State must be met in order for a women to become a surrogate mother with our agency. The requirements for our surrogates can be found on our Surrogate Qualifications page, but we’ve provided even more detail in Surrogacy Requirements: Why Certain Requirements are in Place.

Benefits to Being a Surrogate in RI

There are many benefits to being a surrogate in Rhode Island.  Here are some of the top benefits for RI surrogates:

  1. Our surrogates gain an incredible sense of self-fulfillment from giving the greatest gift humanly possible to another family.
  2. In Rhode Island, our surrogates can earn excellent benefits with a customized benefits package!
  3. Surrogates have the opportunity to build a life-long relationship with forever-grateful intended parents.
  4. Circle surrogates work with a personal program coordination team and licensed social worker throughout their journey.
  5. Surrogates from Rhode Island will have the opportunity to work with intended parents who are local to them.


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