Becoming a Surrogate in Georgia: Everything You Need to Know

Surrogacy has been a hot topic in the news for the past few months as states have begun to change their laws around IVF and surrogacy.  If you live in Georgia and you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, you’re in great company! Circle has worked with many women from Georgia as gestational carriers.

If you’re looking for how to become a surrogate, it’s important to understand the surrogacy laws in your state. Every state has different surrogacy laws, so it’s important to work with an agency with experience in Georgia law and have knowledgeable lawyers on staff, like Circle!

Georgia SurrogacySurrogacy Law in GA

Georgia is a very favorable state for surrogacy, despite no statutory of case law directly addressing surrogacy contracts in Georgia. Courts regularly establish parental rights for intended parents through a pre-birth declaratory judgment. The petition filed on behalf of the intended parent outlines the surrogacy arrangement, how the embryo(s) came to be created, how the transfer resulted in the pregnancy, and affirmation of the ongoing support for intended parents to be cleared the legal parents of the expected child. The judgment declares the intended parents as the legal parents and directs for the state of Georgia to create the child’s birth certificate listing the intended parents together (or the single parent alone). The court process is very seamless – everything is handled between counsel for the intended parents and for the gestational carrier, with no in-person hearings required for the parties, making Georgia a desirable state for surrogacy.

Surrogacy Requirements in GA

Surrogate requirements in the Peach State must be met in order for a women to become a surrogate mother with our agency. The requirements for our surrogates can be found on our Surrogate Qualifications page, but we’ve provided even more detail in Surrogacy Requirements: Why Certain Requirements are in Place.

Benefits to Being a Surrogate in GA

There are many benefits to being a surrogate in Georgia.  Here are some of the top benefits for GA surrogates:

  1. Our surrogates gain an incredible sense of self-fulfillment from giving the greatest gift humanly possible to another family.
  2. In Georgia, our surrogates can earn up to $55,000 with a customized benefits package!
  3. Surrogates have the opportunity to build a life-long relationship with forever-grateful intended parents.
  4. Circle surrogates work with a personal program coordination team and licensed social worker throughout their journey.
  5. Our surrogates have the opportunity to work with local and international Intended Parents


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