Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy in New York


Finding a surrogacy agency in New York.

New York is a safe and surrogacy-friendly state for intended parents who are interested in growing their families through surrogacy and egg donation. Circle has worked with gay and straight singles and couples from New York for decades. And while our main office is located in Boston, we have a local team in New York who meets monthly with intended parents to discuss surrogacy.

Why choose Circle Surrogacy as a parent from New York.

There are many reasons why Circle is the best surrogacy agency for those who live in the New York area:

  • Local IVF clinics. Circle works closely with most-successful IVF clinics throughout the Tri-State area, which helps to reduce travel costs associated with your journey. If you’re already established with an IVF clinic we’re happy to work with your clinic of choice.
  • Local surrogates. Circle works with surrogates from all of the surrogacy-friendly states surrounding New York, including New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Having your surrogate close to your local clinic helps to reduce travel costs.
  • We work with intended parents of all backgrounds. Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. For over 20 years we’ve helped straight and LGBTQ+ couples and singles fulfill their dreams of parenthood.
  • New York-based support. Jen, our NY team member, is not only a parent through surrogacy, but available to provide support for Intended Parents.
  • Flexible consultation schedule. We are available for in-person parent consultations Monday through Friday, and one weekend a month in New York City.
  • New York and MA attorneys on staff for your legal work and insurance.
  • Exclusive community for New York parents. Monthly support groups and yearly meet-up events for Tri-state area families.

You’ll get to meet Jen!

Becoming a parent in New York
Jen, Circle’s New York representative and parent through surrogacy, sharing a quiet moment with her new son.

Jen is Circle’s New York area representative, who meets with parents in the tri-state area in person and via Skype to walk them through Circle’s surrogacy process, how much surrogacy costs, choosing an IVF clinic, what to expect during a surrogacy journey and more. But most of all, Jen shares her inspirational story with others, as a parent through surrogacy and why she loves her job.

“Getting to play a small part in so many IPs’ experiences on their road to parenthood is humbling, so much so, that after my own surrogacy journey I felt compelled to join Circle and help others in my situation. I was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer at age 26, at a time when I was focusing on my professional career and moving in with my boyfriend. Beating cancer was difficult but not as tough as accepting my new normal as a menopausal and infertile 20-something. Several years post-cancer my husband and I began exploring our family building options and decided that surrogacy was the best path for us. Our Circle journey was truly a wonderful, life changing experience and I’m forever grateful for our surrogate and everyone who helped us have our son. I’m so appreciative that Circle has given me the opportunity to draw on my professional and personal experience to help others understand surrogacy as a family building option. I never could have predicted that this is where I would have ended up – a cancer survivor, a mother through surrogacy, a parent to the most fantastic little boy, and an employee at an agency so dedicated to those striving to become parents.”

Meet with Circle in New York.

We are an agency made up of parents, surrogates and egg donors through the program; we’ve been in your shoes, and we’re passionate about growing families. If you’d like to learn more about surrogacy in New York specifically, check out New York page.

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