Becoming a Surrogate in Massachusetts: Everything You Need to Know

Surrogacy Massachusetts

Surrogacy has been a hot topic in the news for the past few months as states have begun to change their laws around IVF and surrogacy.  Lucky for Massachusetts residents, the Bay State is one of the best states in the nation for both surrogates and intended parents. Circle is the best surrogacy agency located right in Boston!

Boston MassachusettsWe’re a Boston based Surrogacy Agency!

We’re nearby! Circle Surrogacy’s main surrogacy agency office is in downtown Boston. Become a surrogate in Boston, Framingham, the North and South shores, Worcester and more! All of our attorneys are admitted to practice law in Massachusetts. Since 1995, we’ve helped numerous intended parents and surrogates achieve successful journeys in Massachusetts.

Surrogacy Law in MA

Massachusetts statutes don’t directly address surrogacy agreements, but a number of cases from the state’s highest court have treated surrogacy favorably. Finalizing arrangements for surrogacy in Massachusetts is typically done by pre-birth order, which allows the surrogate mother and intended parent to complete all necessary paperwork before the birth even occurs. Some intended parents will require a post-birth second-parent or stepparent adoption. In either case, surrogates sign all necessary documents and generally won’t ever need to appear in court.

Surrogacy Requirements in MA 

Surrogate requirements in Massachusetts must be met in order for a women to become a surrogate mother with our surrogacy agency. The requirements for our surrogates can be found on our Surrogate Qualifications page, but we’ve provided even more detail in Surrogacy Requirements: Why Certain Requirements are in Place.

Benefits to Being a Surrogate in MA

  1. Location, location, location! Massachusetts has some of the best hospitals in the world so you can be sure you’re receiving the best care.

2. Massachusetts also mandates maternity coverage for insurance plans. This means insurance companies have to cover maternity costs regardless of how you became pregnant, even if you are acting as a surrogate.

3. Work with intended parents and clinics local to your area, which helps reduce your travel!

4. Exceptional Compensation and benefits

Work with a personal journey coordination team and licensed social worker

Consult with your legal representation to guide you through the legal process

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