VIDEO: Choosing a Surrogacy Agency – For Potential Surrogates

Become a surrogate How to choose a surrogacy agency

The decision to become a surrogate is a big decision, and a personal one. If you are considering becoming gestational carriers, we encourage you to do your research. The right agency is the agency that feels right to you; one that makes you feel comfortable, answers your questions, and shares your same values. 

Former Circle surrogates have described their experience with Circle as, “talking to Circle just gave me the warm fuzzies” and “from the first conversation I knew they were the agency for me”. 

So how do you go about choosing an agency? In this video, Gina, a former Circle surrogate, shares what she looked for when researching a surrogacy agency. 

The agency with which you choose to work is just as important as your decision to become a surrogate.  

At Circle, every woman on our Surrogate Intake Team is a previous gestational carrier, some multiple times! There’s no one better to answer your questions than someone who has been through the process! 

You can reach out to them anytime at [email protected]. 

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