Become a Parent through Egg Donation: Getting Started

Become a Parent Through Egg Donation

You may be at the point in your life where starting a family is at the top of your priorities. And for many, this means using the help of an egg donor. For those considering becoming parents, or those who want to become a parent through egg donation, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions before getting started.

Have I accepted my infertility? Coming to terms with an infertility diagnosis can take some time. Many go through somewhat of a mourning process that includes feelings of denial, sadness, anger, and, ultimately, acceptance. We encourage our intended parents to wait until they are in the acceptance stage. While egg donation will help you create a family, we want to ensure that the family (and child) you create comes through a process free of resentment. Once you’re emotionally and mentally prepared to embark on this journey, we’ll be here waiting for you.

Can I afford egg donation? Egg donation typically costs around $17,000. But often, intended parents have incurred previous IVF costs before moving on to egg donation. Luckily, we have options for those who can’t outright afford the process. Our egg donation financing program for U.S. intended parents provides coverage for all related costs with minimal interest. Start researching more on egg donation costs to be better prepared.

Do I have realistic expectations? Part of a successful egg donation is having realistic expectations. Egg donation is a human experience. No one can control how and when an individual will respond to medications; whether or not travel plans will need to be changed at the last minute; or whether, despite seemingly ideal conditions, quality of eggs will be achieved on a given retrieval. These elements are often out of your control, out of your egg donor’s control, out of your clinic’s control, and out of Circle’s control. But to ensure that your egg donation is a rewarding experience, we focus our efforts on managing expectations throughout the process. What you may have heard from others or read online will not always mirror your own experience. Understanding that egg donation is an emotional process with medical, legal, and financial implications can be helpful in recognizing that there will be some aspects of this process that may not play out exactly as planned.

Do I want to know the egg donor? This is a very important part of the matching process. Before choosing an egg donor from our egg donor database, be sure to know which type of donation you’re open to pursuing, as each offers a different amount of communication with the egg donor. (Learn more about the egg donation types available.) We have known egg donation that allows as much communication as you and your egg donor would like. Anonymous egg donation, where there is no communication and identity is not divulged. And then there’s semi-known egg donation, a middle ground to the aforementioned match types. We have egg donors available for each of these three programs.

Am I ready to get started? If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, visit for more information and to book your consultation.