Baby’s First Holiday Season: Thoughts from Amazing Circle Surrogates

elf on a shelf sits tangled in christmas lights
photo by Rebecca Lundin

For this holiday season, we reached out to amazing women and mothers who have been surrogates with us at Circle. We asked them to share their best pointers for baby’s first holiday season. We also asked them to share their family traditions with us to inspire our wonderful intended parents.

Kim said:

I would tell first-time parents to relax, not stress and take the time to just enjoy being together with their newest addition. Also, don’t buy any baby’s first holiday outfits! When my oldest was born, three other family member,s in addition to me, bought her dresses/outfits and I ended up changing her four times to get pictures in her holiday apparel! (At 17, she still has an impressive wardrobe!)

At Thanksgiving, our elf on the shelf (Fritz Von Cookienibbler) joins our family for the season to report back to Santa Claus about our status as naughty or nice. Then on Christmas Eve we watch good movies, have some snacks, play board games, and bid farewell to Fritz, as he will be leaving with Santa. Usually the day after Christmas we take our family vacation. Last year we went to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and this year we will go to Universal Studios.

The best part of being a new parent (and an old one as well) is experiencing the magic and excitement of sharing your life/traditions/legacy with your children. My children are ages 5 to 17 and it is so fun have the time together and shower them with not only gifts but attention during the holidays. The rest of the year can be so busy and chaotic with school and extracurricular activities. It’s really great to just slow down and have time to reconnect as a family.

We want to thank Kim for sharing her advice and family traditions with us.

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