A Dream Realized: A Circle Surrogate Profile with Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker Surrogate with two dads pose in red

Lauren Walker first thought about becoming a surrogate when she was a high school student. “I knew I would have to wait a while before I could become a surrogate,” she admitted. “But I had close friends with fertility issues. At first, I wanted to help someone I knew. After doing some research, I learned about working with an agency to find a family who couldn’t have children on their own. My philosophy is if you have the opportunity to be a surrogate, there’s no greater way to help people.”

Lauren’s intended parents, Dag and Erik, met her in California for her first transfer and they hit it off immediately—even more so than their initial Skype call that occurred during the matching process. “It just felt like we had known each other for so long. We clicked,” she said. “Now they’re like my other husbands. We’re always in contact, not just about the surrogacy, we share general updates too.”

“Circle matched us so well, and they [Circle] have had my back throughout the whole process,” Lauren added.

Lauren began doing research to find an agency after she had her daughter last year. She looked at reviews from a variety of sites, spoke with surrogates from Circle as well as from other agencies,  and explored our surrogate resources. Ultimately she said she picked Circle because we were the most inviting. (We are beaming with pride because that is our goal.)

Her husband was right by her side throughout her application process. He wasn’t surprised when she told him that she was going forward with applying to be a surrogate because he knew it was something she’d always wanted to do. Lauren added that he’s the most excited about appointments out of everyone.

As Lauren heads into her second trimester, she is looking forward to her journey with Dag and Erik as well as their relationship after the birth. They already have talked about taking a trip overseas once they settle in!

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