A Day in the Life of a Surrogacy Agency Program Coordinator

I’m off to work, riding the train with all the people who have ordinary jobs in downtown Boston. My name is Ryan— I am a Circle Surrogacy Agency Program Coordinator. I may even be your Program Coordinator. If so, I am thinking of you now. Perhaps we just met, or maybe we are familiar friends. Maybe your journey hasn’t started, or maybe it’s just finished. Each journey is a collection of stories with the same goal— to bring new life into this world.

program coordinators sit at a desk and pose for cameraWhen someone asks me what I do, I take in a deep breath and forget about everything I was planning on doing for the next hour. If you tell someone, “I coordinate the journey of surrogacy,” questions will follow. The less this person knows about surrogacy, the more surprising the questions may be.

A typical day for a Program Coordinator is never typical. Every day I sit down at my desk in front of the same tiny rock collection and I prepare for something big to happen. It is rare that I will sit longer than fifteen minutes past 9 a.m. before an excited shriek breaks the morning silence of our office. Perhaps a surrogate had a positive beta test, or we just received a photo of a newborn baby. These are magical moments for us, and we love to share them with the rest of the Circle team.

The Program Coordinator position is clockwork with a touch of volatility. We connect the many turning wheels of a surrogacy journey and ensure that they are keeping perfect time. Some clocks need to be wound and oiled, while others chime in perfect cadence. In every case, time is crucial.

For some intended parents, a surrogacy journey has been a life-long dream, while others may never have anticipated they would need the help of a surrogate. Surrogates also want to help people for different reasons, and this makes every match special. As a Program Coordinator, we often must remind new intended parents that they will be matched with a surrogate only when we have found an ideal match. Despite the wait, there’s a good chance they will say, “That’s why all the others didn’t work out.  She’s the one for us,” and she may feel the same way. Life has a way of doing that for us.

Circle Surrogacy is an all-around great place to work, and there are many challenges and rewards about the Program Coordinator position that make it unique. We are the main point of communication between surrogates, egg donors, intended parents, physicians and nurses, social workers, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, travel agents, and secret agents.

I enjoy spending the majority of my day communicating with these people. As we discuss everything from insurance plans to birth plans, we are also developing relationships. This gives me an opportunity to learn about values, traditions, and the meaning of family around the world. Circle Program Coordinators celebrate holidays such as the Chinese New Year and Midsummer. Cards will be exchanged with our Chinese intended parents, and photos of Program Coordinators wearing flower crowns will be shared with Swedish intended parents. We share our beliefs and our experiences. We are together through both heartache and celebration.

People from all over the world trust Circle Surrogacy to help them achieve the most important goal of their lives. I realized the magnitude of this when my French intended parents gave their newborn twins traditional American names as “a tribute to the USA for letting us being parents.”   Although things are changing very quickly in many countries, currently the US is one of the few places in the world where surrogacy law has been tested successfully, and where both international and domestic couples can find strong and selfless women who want to help people expand their families and experience the joy of parenthood when they otherwise may not be able to.

We are all brought together by a love for helping other people, and a love for family. Working as a Program Coordinator at Circle Surrogacy has allowed me to understand and appreciate pregnancy in an entirely new way. Previously, I thought that pregnancy began at conception. Now, when I see a photo of a newborn baby, I remember the long journey that started as a dream.


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